Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.

If you live in South Africa and need SMALL DRIFTWOOD PIECES for your driftwood decor projects or craft projects, then visit our driftwoodforsale.co.za site.
For BEACH HOUSE WALL DECOR in South Africa, see our beachy.co.za site.

On my to-do list

to-do list

Other than my usual stuff Terry has added a few things to my to-do list that she wants me to make. Im going to list those, then cover what is already on my to-do list. I’m not feeling overwhelmed – not yet anyway – but I do think it won’t be too long before I start drawing projects from a hat, so that everything gets an equal opportunity.

Make a leather book cover

Leather book cover completed

Follow along as we make a simple leather book cover. For this leather book cover we will be making a cover for an A6 size hard cover book. Using a book cover – especially if you use it in a high wear and tear environment will significantly improve the lifetime of your book.

Wooden surfboard necklaces

Wooden surfboard necklace

Wooden surfboard necklaces Our newest stock line for craft markets are wooden surfboard necklaces. Each surfboard necklace has its own unique design, and each surfboard necklace is individually sanded to shape, adding to its own individuality and uniqueness. The wooden surfboard necklaces made so far are all made from Oak. We have a small supply […]

Cats are good for people

Wart and Schmeegle Cats - cats are good for people

Yep – cats are good for people. Not just for cat-lovers, but for all people, even people who don’t really like cats. Cats are good for people. All people. Anyone who knows me will know I am not a great cat fan. Somewhere along the line this important life fact was not passed along to Catkind. Or maybe it was, but the because of the Perverse Nature of Catness they – Catkind – have chosen…

Where to Use Wall Stickers?

vinyl wall art stickers ideas

There are so many places to use wall stickers! Use wall stickers on walls, of course, but you can also use wall stickers on doors, windows, mirrors, tiles, the ceiling, the fridge, cupboards, the loo! You can use wall stickers on just about any nice clean and smooth flat surface at home or at work that they’ll stick to. Use wall stickers on a matt surface rather than on a glossy surface.

Morgan Bay – My Fondest Morgan Bay Memories

One evening in Morgan Bay

Morgan Bay memories last a lifetime! I wrote this, My Fondest Morgan Bay Memories, for a Morgan Bay Hotel contest I entered not too long ago. Entrants were simply required to email their “Morgan Bay memories and photos” to Morgan Bay Hotel if they wanted to stand a chance of winning one of ten two-night getaways for two, at Morgan Bay Hotel, including dinner, bed, and breakfast. Please note that the contest is now over. All winners have been …

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