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How Much Does it Cost to Start Working From Home for Yourself?

How is your mindset? Do you think it costs a lot to start working from home for yourself? How much does a paw paw cost? Or a granadilla, or a tomato or a cherry tomato?

That should be all I need to say to tell you the possible cost to start working from home for yourself, and that should also be all I need to say to tell you what you can do to actually start working from home and making some extra income, or even, eventually, a decent income each month.

start working from home idea - grow cherry tomatoes

start working from home idea – grow cherry tomatoes

For those who have a good mindset and who are serious about starting to work from home to earn some extra income, the above gives you another idea to add to your work from home ideas list, while you decide on what work you’d actually like to do. You’re the type of person who may actually start working, and, eventually, earning.

You’re the type of person who says “Ah, I get it; plant pips from a fruit I bought or that was even given to me for free, and then sell seedlings, small trees or plants, or sell the fruit that I get from the trees or plants.” or who even thinks “Ah, there are actually several really cheap or even free ways to start working from home!”

Well done. You have a good mindset and stand a good chance of earning possibly more than just a little extra income, if, of course, you also actually do anything about it; if you actually really start.

Problems come into play when you’re not somebody who has a good mindset about working from home. Certainly, working from home is not for everyone; many people are content to always work for somebody else, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but if you want to work from home and it’s not happening, you may need to first change your mindset.

Changing one’s mindset may be very difficult for those who are used to being given what they need or want. Even though they need to make money themselves, pay for things they need or want themselves, why should they bother if money and things just keep being given to them?

Desperation can come into play too. A good mindset coupled with desperation can get somebody to start working from home. A poor mindset coupled with desperation often just leads to poor excuses and negativity:

“I don’t have a garden so how can I plant anything?” or “I can’t afford to buy plant containers and soil so how do I plant indoors?” or “How could I possibly sell plants and fruit if I don’t know how to?” or “That’s going to take time; I need to make money in a hurry!”

start working from home mindset - find solutions to problems - use free containers to plant your pips

start working from home mindset – find solutions to problems – use free containers to plant your pips

A person with a good mindset will find solutions – often quite easy solutions, often also inexpensive or even free solutions. A person with a poor mindset may not even verbalize questions like those just mentioned, for fear of somebody actually telling them what they need to do, when in fact they don’t want to do anything at all.

The cost of working from home is all about your mindset – the cost to you of having to completely change or improve your mindset. Changing a poor mindset to a good mindset is essential if you want to be successful working from home.

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