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Christmas and Creative Work from Home Moms

Christmas is the season for giving, so do not start feeling guilty about thinking of making some money from the Christmas season – people have to buy their Christmas gifts somewhere so why not from you?

Father Christmas in chimney

Father Christmas in chimney

Work from home moms may be feeling troubled as Christmas day draws closer – if the work they do from home is offering a service, they may have no clients over the Christmas season, while their clients take a break from work during the holidays.

Of course this is fine if these work from home moms can afford to take a break over the Christmas season too, but if money is going to be tight, work from home moms could get a little creative and try and make some money over the Christmas season, even if how they make this money is totally unrelated to the work they usually do.

Christmas craft market

Christmas craft market

People love visiting and doing their Christmas shopping at flea markets and craft markets as they search for that perfect (or even unusual) Christmas gift – so work from home moms should visit those flea markets and craft markets too, except not as somebody looking for a Christmas gift, but as somebody selling Christmas gifts!

If it easier for you to make something related to Christmas that also relates to your work, then think about what you do working from home, and jot down your ideas.

Let’s look at a few different types of work that you may be doing from home, and think of how you could get creative with that work. Even if the following ideas do not relate to what you already do working from home, you may have a talent for the following activities anyway:

If the work you do from home is related to:

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

graphic design,
then design and print your own Christmas cards, gift tags, small sheets of gift wrap, or make gift bags with your own designs on them

painting or decorating,
then use your painting or decorating skills to paint or decorate a wide variety of plain looking items in greens and reds, or in wrapping paper patterns

then present your plants or seedlings in flower or plant pots that you’ve added a gift tag to, or that you have tied a red and green ribbon around;

spray paint large twiggy but leafless branches and sell them as Christmas trees

giving children classes,
then organize one or two more “lessons” after the usual last lesson for the year – offer the class as a “babysitting” service while parents go Christmas shopping, and charge for the service of course – during the “lesson” (or two) give the children a craft lesson during which they could make items like small Christmas gifts for their parents, Christmas cards, or Christmas tree ornaments

photo editing Christmas card

photo editing Christmas card

photography and photo editing,
then make and print calendars (for the next year of course) that you could sell at a flea market or craft market

– use some beautiful photos you’ve already taken, or go out and take a few new photos first,

or use your photos or photo editing skills to make homemade Christmas cards

then make some yummy edible goodies – present them simply but beautifully, and sell your goodies at a flea market or craft market

find and collect some really old recipes together, or write up your own recipes for meals or treats that you regularly make (recipes suited to holidays and Christmas) and rewrite them in your own words, perhaps even adding in a few interesting little tidbits or add your own “flavour” to them, or print the recipes after typing them up in a fancy font – put all the recipes together in whatever creative format you can think of, and sell them – important: the recipes should be your own, or really old, or they should be recipes that your great great granny used to use or even wrote herself – never copy and sell somebody else’s copyrighted recipes that you haven’t even ever tried

Christmas is coming!

Work from home moms, get creative!

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