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Christmas Craft Ideas to Make Money

Christmas craft ideas to make money! These Christmas craft ideas to make money can perhaps even give you ideas for other crafts to make to sell at any time of the year, and not just shortly before Christmas.

book page table top Christmas tree

book page table top Christmas tree

Maybe you don’t even want to use these Christmas craft ideas to make money,

but rather to save money

– use these Christmas craft ideas yourself to save money on giving Christmas gifts to friends and family.

Where to sell your homemade Christmas crafts:

– If you work from home or have your own business, then at the same time and in the same place that you sell or advertise your other products or services.

– Have a garage sale, and include the Christmas craft items you’ve made.

– At a flea market or craft market.

Christmas Craft Ideas to Make Money

homemade Christmas stocking for sale at a craft market

homemade Christmas stocking for sale at a craft market

knitted, crocheted or sewn Christmas stockings

Christmas theme knitted or crocheted baby blankets, baby booties, slippers for Granny and Grandpa,

Christmas hats for everyone

creative homemade Christmas cards

homemade Christmas trees of all colours and sizes – tiny Christmas tree ornaments that one can hang on the big Christmas tree, table top Christmas trees, or larger Christmas trees:

hanging driftwood Christmas tree

hanging driftwood Christmas tree

a twiggy tree branch spray painted in silver, gold, green or red (or all of those colours!) and stuck in a spray painted container that has spray painted pebbles overflowing in it and all around it – you could even make miniature “presents” – little boxes, and put a pebble in them to keep them heavy and help support the tree – the bottom pebbles in the container would not need to be in a “present” box as these bottom ones would not be seen – for that matter, you wouldn’t have to spray paint the bottom pebbles either

miniature “presents” that can be used as Christmas tree ornaments

spray painted pine cones with shiny or sparkly string attached so that the pine cones can be hung on a Christmas tree as Christmas tree ornaments

basic angel Christmas tree ornaments – use a ping pong ball or crumpled up newspaper for the head, attach a string for hanging the angel ornament, then cover with pretty white cloth (in which you’ve made a tiny hole to pass the string through) and secure at the “neck” with shiny or sparkly tinsel or string – use sparkly wool or other thread bunched up on the head, for hair, and paint or stick items onto to the head to create a face

Christmas pudding Christmas tree ornaments – a similar method to making the angel ornament, but you won’t need too much material as the pudding has no “body” – and use patterned material instead of white material

Christmas tree baubles – get creative – decorate ping pong balls, spray paint popcorn balls, scrap paper balls, paper mache balls, twist and turn plant or tree vines, or river reeds into balls, thread unusual items onto a string, roll it all up into a ball shape and spray paint it – items like old nuts, some kinds of sea shells, and some kinds of pasta shells can be easily threaded onto the string you are going to roll up into a ball – also use glitter, tinsel, and cellophane

tin foil (aluminum foil) Christmas tree ornaments – just scrunch and then squeeze and shape the tin foil into any shape you like eg balls or stars

homemade calendars – what better time to sell calendars than shortly before a new year?

homemade diary book covers

homemade Christmas crackers

Christmas craft ideas

Christmas craft ideas – start by making just about any craft item in red and green, and then add things or decorations to it to turn it into a Christmas craft item or Christmas gift

These Christmas craft ideas to make money (or save money) should get you started on thinking of all sorts of other ideas too, and can keep you and your family busy being creative during the run up to Christmas.

By slightly changing the way any craft items are made or decorated, just about any craft items could be brilliant Christmas craft ideas or gifts.

More craft ideas that you could turn into Christmas craft ideas: List of 60 craft ideas and 75 driftwood craft ideas

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