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10 Good Reasons to be a Stay at Home Mom

Are you a stay at home mom? Can you relate to these 10 good reasons to be a stay at home mom?

stay at home mom

crazy happy days – a stay at home mom (middle) and her two sons

Many moms are choosing to be a stay at home mom, so they can be home with their children, for a number of good reasons:

10 Good Reasons to be a Stay at Home Mom

A stay at home mom may be able to give her child a better pre-school education than if her child was in a class of other pre-school children. A child gets undivided attention from a stay at home mom, during all the time that the stay at home mom is teaching her child.

A stay at home mom gets to spend quality playtime with her children. If children are at a pre-school or at a day care centre their free play time is mostly just that – play time, and moms are not there to watch their children and admire them while they play, and moms are not there to play with them.

A stay at home mom can save money by not sending her child to a day care or pre-primary school, and can use some of that saved money to buy some extra educational games and toys for her child.

Save money on educational games and toys – moms can sometimes make their own homemade educational games and toys, simply because they have the time to make them – more time than if their only free time was during evenings and weekends because of their fulltime job away from home.

Stay at home moms get to know their child more. Every mom knows her child well, but if a mom is with her child virtually all the time, an extra special relationship may develop.

A stay at home mom doesn’t have to worry about everything that goes with quitting a job if she decides to attempt working from home (for an income.) A stay at home mom is already at home.

Even when a child starts attending a public or private school later, or even if a child goes to day care or pre-primary school, a stay at home mom is home for her child in the afternoons, and during school holidays, to help oversee that school homework is done, and to fit in some quality time with her child – more quality time than if she was only available to her child in the evenings and on weekends.

A stay at home mom doesn’t have to ask her boss for special permission when she wants to stay home with her sick child, or if she needs to go to school to collect her sick child, or to take her child to the doctor or dentist, or wants to attend a school function or event during the day in the week.

Save money on transport that would otherwise be needed for travelling to work and back, and a stay at home mom doesn’t need to often spend money on new smart work or office clothing and shoes.

A stay at home mom is able to rest or do something for herself during the day while her baby naps or while her child plays.

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