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7 Different Ways To Make Money From Your Blog With Ads on Your Blog

There are quite a few different ways to make money from your blog and at least 7 different ways that you can make money from your blog with ads on your blog.

You can make money from your blog only if people visit your blog. You can work at increasing those earnings by working at getting more people to visit your blog.

Many advertising programs or businesses or individuals won’t be interested in having adverts on your blog unless your blog is getting quite a bit of traffic (visitors) to it.

If you have very many people visiting your blog every single day then making money from displaying ads on your blog is one of the easiest ways to make money from your blog. Your existing pages earn you passive income because of the ads displayed on those pages, and you can work at increasing that passive income to become considerably more by often writing and adding new blog posts to your blog.

Adding more pages of content to your blog creates more pages for ads to be displayed on. Adding more pages of content to your blog also helps to get more people to visit your blog – new people, and people who come back to read more. You want as many people as possible to see the ads you have on your blog.

The ads you display on your blog may be text ads (words that are also links) or may be image ads or banner ads (images or banners that are also links). If visitors to your site click those text ads or image ads or banner ads they get taken to another page or to another website.

Sometimes the ads don’t have to be clicked for you to make money from those ads. They only need to be seen.

Here are 7 different ways to

make money from your blog

with ads on your blog:

Make Money From Your Blog with Google Adsense
You join the Google Adsense Program and become an Adsense publisher. You select things in your Adsense account and create an ad. You copy and paste the generated code for your ad into pages on your blog, and in places where you want the ads to show. The ads that show up usually or at least fairly often relate to the content you wrote on that page. When the ads are clicked and the clicker gets taken to the advertiser’s website, you earn a commission for having sent a visitor to that advertiser’s website.

Make Money From Your Blog with Affiliate Program Ads
You become an associate or affiliate for some sites that have associate or affiliate programs, like Amazon, Kalahari, Offerforge, Commission Junction, or ClickBank. You generate code for the ads you wish to display on your blog, and then copy paste that code to the places on your blog where you wish to display the ads. When your blog’s visitors visit those sites that the ads link to, and buy something or do something at that site, you earn a commission.

Make Money From Your Blog as an affiliate for an individual business, site or product
Some businesses do not belong to any affiliate program sites, but do have their own affiliate program. When you visit various sites on the Internet, look for a link or tab on those sites that says “affiliates” or “affiliate program”. Particularly if the ads will relate to the kind of topics you write about on your blog, consider reading more about the affiliate program that the site’s owner offers, and then join the program so that you can display the ads on your blog.

Make Money From Your Blog with Membership Joining Fee Referrals
You do not always have to also be a member at the site you are advertising. When people who visit your blog click the text link or banner ad on your blog, and then pay a fee to be a member at that site, you earn a commission.

Make Money From Your Blog with Membership Activity Referrals
There are many sites where the members of the site can earn from publishing their writing at that site, or where members can earn from selling their own things like their designs, their photos or their other products, or where they can earn from doing freelance work for their online clients. The site owner also earns when these members earn. You use a referral link on your blog after you have also joined that site or have joined its referral program. If people use that link to visit the site and join the site, you earn a commission. Sometimes you may earn that commission immediately, but usually you earn your commission only after that new member has made some money at the site through their own activity or sales or work at the site.

Make Money From Your Blog Selling or renting banner ad space on your blog
If your blog is really getting tons of traffic, and this is clear to other people, some may contact you on their own about advertising on your blog. They may pay you a monthly or 3-monthly or 6-monthly fee to have you display their banner ad on your site. Or, once you think your blog is receiving enough traffic to interest private advertisers, you can advertise it on your blog that you are renting banner ad space on your blog. You can also approach some businesses who may be interested in advertising their products or services on your blog.

Make Money From Your Blog when you advertise your own stuff
Add enticing links to your blog posts that will encourage your blog’s visitors to visit even more pages on your own blog. They will see more pages on your blog if they follow those links, and, thus, will also see more of the ads that you may earn from. So, even sending your visitors to more pages on only your own blog can help increase your passive income you get from the ads on your blog. Although not passive income as it involves work each time a visitor to your site contacts you, you can also direct visitors from any page of your blog to other pages where you are selling a product or offering a service. You can do this directing of your visitors in the form of text ads (words that are also links) or in the form of clickable image ads or banner ads that you have created.

You cannot simply start a blog, add a few pages of content to your blog, display ads on your blog and expect to make money from your blog. You have to work hard at marketing your blog to get very many people to visit it, if you expect to make a nice amount of money from your blog.

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