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Comfrey Cream Recipe and Story

Comfrey Cream and Comfrey Cream Recipe

Don’t give up looking for a cure or help, or for some relief at least, for problems such as arthritis, or eczema or psoriasis skin disorders. Or tennis elbow, twisted ankles, or muscle and bone pain.

And don’t think that comfrey cream is just another home remedy you may sometime get around to trying, or not trying…

Using comfrey cream may be just the help you need!
Many of my mother’s friends have been amazed at the outcome after trying her homemade comfrey cream – or comfrey ointment – remedy. And have thanked her. Some of her friends use the comfrey cream for arthritis, and some use it to help keep their eczema under control. My father, who turned 81 in 2013, suffers from arthritis and pagets disease, and my mother’s comfrey cream helps ease his pain.

My mother found a comfrey cream recipe years ago in some old magazine, and adapted it a little.

Drinking Comfrey Tea is also said to help with the above ailments. In moderation, or your liver may suffer! It is also said to help fight cancer.

It is known that many years ago, before modern medicines, comfrey was used to help knit broken bones together more rapidly. It was known as “bone-wort”.

My mother also recalls an old tale (I don’t know how true it is) that tells of a herd of cattle all pushed together into a field, to await the vet to come and put them down, as they were all suffering from a disease. When the vet arrived a few days later, there was no need to put the animals down, as the field the cattle had been pushed into contained comfrey, the cattle had eaten it, and they were all cured!

I, myself, had tennis elbow a few years ago. It was awful; I couldn’t grip and lift anything heavier than an empty coffee cup, without being in pain. Upon my second visit to my medical practitioner for another long painful cortisone injection right into the elbow joint, he informed me that should I need a third injection for my tennis elbow, I might as well consider an operation! Hm! I’m a “scaredy-cat” and that prompted me to at last try my mother’s much-spoken-about homemade comfrey cream that she was dying for me to try.

I rubbed about a 5ml teaspoon of the ointment into the elbow area for about 5 minutes, three times a day, all the time wondering how long I was going to be doing it for, and for how long I would still be suffering with my painful tennis elbow. Less than three days later I had my answer. I was cured!

A few months later I missed a step and fell down two! My ankle puffed up almost immediately. I grabbed a packet of frozen vegetables out of the freezer and sat like that for about twenty minutes, holding the packet to my ankle, feeling like a silly vegetable myself. How could I have missed that step?! I knew from athletics injuries during my school years that a twisted ankle meant that I was probably not going to be walking properly for at least two weeks, and that my ankle would need lots of rest. That wasn’t going to be possible with being the mom of two young children, and my usual daily activities. Then I remembered my mom’s homemade comfrey cream and how I had used it for my tennis elbow. Would my mom’s comfrey cream work for my twisted ankle too? Although I did hop about for a bit, it was for only three days!

Don’t delay! Try comfrey cream today!

So far (July 2013) Tony and I don’t sell this homemade product of my mother’s, and neither does my mother. We just want to help you by telling you what we’ve learned. It’s so easy to overcome many ailments, or at least to get some form of relief, if you use comfrey! We should actually consider selling our own homemade comfrey cream (comfrey ointment) though, as it would perhaps be nice to tell people about our experiences with it face to face – perhaps at a fleamarket (consider using the recipe and doing this yourself for a bit of extra income) – so that people can feel our enthusiasm, and perhaps return to us at the fleamarket to tell us how nicely it worked for them. It would be nice to hear how my mom’s old recipe helps others too.

Here is the Comfrey cream recipe:

500 ml aqueous cream, preferably a lightly fragranced version eg lavender
empty it into a larger container for the microwave, perhaps a 2 litre container
fill the empty 500 ml aqueous container with fresh comfrey leaves,
that you have chopped into fairly small bits about a teaspoon size each
roughly stir the chopped comfrey into the 2 litre container with the aqueous cream
microwave on medium-high for 7 to 10 minutes
strain through a sieve, applying force above with the back of a cup, to get plenty of it through
don’t worry about little bits of comfrey being in the mixture, you want them there!
one teaspoon vitamin E oil
one teaspoon eucolyptus oil
one teaspoon camphor oil
one teaspoon arnica oil

stir it all up a bit and store in an airtight container
(the 500ml aqueous cream container is ideal)

Comfrey cream stores well for months and does not need refrigeration,
unless you are experiencing extremely high temperatures which may make the comfrey cream a little runny
– or if you find your mixture a little runny anyway, regardless of high temperatures or not, next time you make your own homemade comfrey cream try straining the microwaved comfrey and aqueous cream through the sieve a little better, or perhaps adding slightly more aqueous cream, but even if it is runny, the benefits of using comfrey cream are the same.

Apply a teaspoon of it to the affected area, rubbing in for about 5 minutes, three times a day

Disclaimer: If you are at all worried about your health, please see a doctor or other medical professional.

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