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How to Use the Internet to Find a Good Attorney

How to find a good attorney suited to your particular compensation claim? How to find an attorney who has good experience and qualifications? Once you have decided on what kind of attorney you need, how do you find a good attorney?

The Internet is a good place to start looking for a good attorney, particularly because you have used the Internet already, to find this page.

How to find a good attorney suited to your particular compensation claim (after determining what kind of attorney you need) is a simple matter of using particular words in your search phrases on a search engine like Google.

Go to Google.com and use certain words when you type something into the search bar. What words? Well, lawyer or attorney or lawsuit would certainly be good choices to include in your search phrase, as well as the type of accident or incident, and possibly also the type of injury.

To narrow down the search results you are going to get after your have typed in your search phrase and searched, you may also want to first include the geographical area in which you live (which town, or even suburb if you know that there are attorneys offices in your suburb)

You don’t want to get exhausted trying to find an attorney suited to your particular compensation claim, or get exhausted trying to find a good attorney who has experience and qualifications, because you may be injured, in pain, or stressed, and you want to quickly sort out your stress, not feel worse.

Reducing the amount of attorney website search results you get – attorney webiste search results that you need to see for your particular legal issue, can help reduce the time it will take you to find a good attorney suited to your needs.

It is not that difficult to use the Internet to find a good attorney:

If you do not find an attorney suited to your needs after your first search, you should within just three or four more searches if you use certain words in your search phrase, like those words already mentioned, or also type in words related to free consultation or no win no fee, if you are worried about the expense of hiring a good attorney.

A search phrase like “free consultation with a Cape Town motorcycle accident brain injury attorney” may be a bit long to give you good search results, so keep your search phrases a little shorter, perhaps more like “Cape Town brain injury attorney” and then perhaps another search too, with the words “Cape Town injury attorney free consultation.”

Now, the next step to finding a lawyer best suited to your particular compensation claim needs:

Once you have gotten a few search results and visited the websites of these attorneys, how do you decide which attorneys you should contact? (You don’t want to contact or go and see 20 or more different attorneys!)

You look for certain things on their websites:

If you want a particularly good attorney who is quite experienced, read through the site to see how many years they have been practising law for – if you cannot immediately find this information, try the about page of their site;

If you want to get an idea of how happy other people were after hiring that attorney, look for not only if there are some testimonials on the site, but also how many testimonials, bearing in mind that not all attorneys are happy to put even excellent testimonials on their site;

If you want an attorney who is not only experienced but also highly qualified, look for badges or accreditation on their sites that indicate their involvement in legal associations or that show their qualifications.

If you want an attorney who is more likely going to speak to you himself or herself, rather than let one of his or her assistants sometimes speak with you or see you, then look for smaller law firms rather than larger law firms or even sole practice attorneys. Other signs that the attorney is likely to speak to you himself or herself is that they actually say so on their website, with the words “personalized attention” sometimes indicating this, or that they invite you to call them on their private cellphone “right now.”

If trying to find a particularly friendly attorney, who is not “all-business-and-no-chat,” then things to look for on that website could be things like: a blog on the site that looks like the attorney manages it himself or herself (does not pay somebody else to write the blog posts, even if somebody else add the attorney’s blog posts to the site for him) photos of the attorney where the attorney looks friendly, photos of the attorney with his or her spouse and children, study the words of any client testimonials on the site, and study the words of the about page to see if the attorney has any interests or hobbies in common with you.

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