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To Make Money Blogging What Should You Blog About?

So you want to make money blogging, start a blog, and be a blogger? Many people want to make money blogging – a fantastic dream for many people.

Imagine being able to quit your day job and start a new job, for yourself, working from home online, as a blogger. When people ask you what you do for a living, you would proudly declare: “I make money blogging; I blog for a living!”

Well, it is possible to make money blogging, and it is easy, but it does not happen overnight, and you do need to learn a bit about blogging and how to make money blogging first – but the learning is easy too – you just need a bit of time to spend on it – if you’re passionate about the idea and really want to make money blogging, you’ll want to spend the time learning more about it.

If you do have the time, or can spend a bit of time every day learning more about blogging, then, perhaps, try it. Of course it doesn’t end when you finally know quite a bit and get yourself a blog, and write about three or four blog posts. If you think that’s where it ends, you may want to consider going back and learning some more about blogging first. If you want to try making a fair amount from blogging, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time on it – at least initially. It may be quite a while before you are earning much from blogging – and even more time may pass before you earn a lot. You may also earn nothing from blogging. The more effort (learning and work) you put in, the more likely you are to earn a decent income from blogging.

If you’re not sure how much time you can spend on learning about blogging, and on the actual blogging itself too, don’t say goodbye to your boss just yet.

A blog needs to have a lot of content for its owner to make money blogging – to interest readers, to keep them coming back, and for some of those readers to take note of or to click the ads you have on your blog. Having ads on your blog is one of the main ways to earn money from blogging.

What do you blog about if you want to make money blogging?

When you want to make money blogging, one important rule to try and remember, although it seems a little odd, is not to try too hard to make money blogging. Keep it natural. Write about what you already know. Some of the high earning bloggers may write as many as 10 blog posts a day – at least at the start of their blogging adventure.

It takes time to run around the Internet or library researching topics, products, services, or content on other websites that you know very little about. By all means, do that a bit later, but, for starters, always write about what you already know, or write about what you enjoy, or write about what you dream about, if you like. Just be you. You will get a lot more content onto your blog, more quickly, if you use this method when thinking about what to write.

Also, never ever copy another writer’s efforts. See how long it takes you to write something, to be proud of it, and then see your work on somebody else’s website if they pinched it and used as if it was their own work. Do not use other people’s content!

Some ideas about what to write about:

Your hobby
Your current day job
What you do each day
What you think each day
What you would like to think one day
What you used to think long ago

Details – very detailed, as in helping your small child learn how to tear small bits of paper for a collage on a school poster project – the placement of the items on the table, what to do first, what to keep checking he or she is doing right, how to hold the paper, how to put his or her fingers together and grip and twist to tear bits of paper or magazine page, was it a cut out picture, or just a page being torn, making a pile of correct torn off bits for further use, making a pile of bits to be thrown away later (write about ANYTHING – just detail it!)

Descriptions (even of your photos you include in your blog post)
How to’s and lists on anything
What you see out the window
What you see out your child’s window
What you see out the dentist’s window

What you see out the rain-splattered window while waiting in a parking lot.
How you would feel if you fell through the rain-splattered window
What you see when you close your eyes
… just get creative and THINK! You can even write about whatever thoughts are in your head = picture the thoughts in your head as words you can read – and then write them down!

Don’t just get creative and think, but also carry a notepad around with you and jot down ideas all day, wherever you go. In front of your pc later, turn those scruffy notes into blog posts.The more you write, the more you will see you need to add further categories to your blog, or even start other blogs to cater to each niche.

Oh, and have fun too.

Don’t write blog posts about anything that seems difficult to write. You need to add as much content as possible to your blog, as frequently as possible, so don’t hit patches that put you off writing.

Oh, and one more thing: remain positive, and don’t give up. Okay, so that was sort of like two more things, but what the heck, this is my blog post, and I’ll write whatever I want to. See? Just write! Be yourself!

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