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After Matric in South Africa – Questions and Answers and Comments

What to do after matric? What to study after matric? What are other matriculants doing after matric? How to apply for jobs after I have matriculated? Are there jobs for matriculants? Which university should I go to after matric? Where can I get bursaries? What things are there to do in a gap year after matric? Should I take a gap year after matric, or start working immediately or study further?

UPDATE: Sun 16 August 2015: This page is getting many visitors. Please ask your questions or answer questions or give tips and advice in the comments.

The commenting area beneath this blog post is for parents in South Africa, and for those in grade 11 or grade 12 (matric) in South Africa, or in their first one or two years after matric, to make comments, ask a question, or to give the answer to somebody else’s question.

It is also for anyone in South Africa to leave a comment or give an answer in order to help those asking questions.

It is also for anyone to just tell their own story, so that others may learn from it. Tell readers what you’re doing the year after matric, or what you’re planning on doing the year after matric, or tell readers what your child is doing, or your niece or nephew or cousin is doing or plans on doing. What you say may help somebody else.

We have a few posts on this site related to after matric. Our site’s traffic stats show keywords people use on search engines like Google before they click a search result and visit our site. It is clear to us that there are very many youngsters out there who don’t know what to do after matric, and who have various questions related to their first year after matric.

Please, people, help the youth of South Africa – and their parents – please answer their questions of give guidance in our commenting area beneath this post.

The rate of youth unemployment in South Africa is apparently quite high. Maybe in some small way we can help reduce that, by giving some guidance to our South African youth, in the commenting area below.

Please note that comments will be moderated. We may not allow all comments to show. It is at our own discretion which comments we allow to show. We also will not tolerate spam on our site. We are allowing comments on this page to help the youth of South Africa (and maybe their parents too) on topics related to what to do after matric.

If you have asked a question, remember to come back later to see if it has been answered, or subscribe to the comments to be notified whenever a new comment has been posted (check off the little block where it says “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”) – you can unsubscribe at any time later.

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Please leave your questions or comments in the “leave a reply” section below. Please help others by answering their questions if you can. Thank you.

We will start off the commenting area with a question or two of our own.

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