Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.

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Some things you should know about commenting on this site,
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We’ve recently (September and October 2014) decided to start allowing commenting on our site tant.co.za We’ve had sites in the past where we’ve allowed commenting, but we weren’t spending too much time on some of those sites, and it became a pain to very often go and empty the spam out.

We used a plugin that sends spam comments to a specific area in the backend of our site, so they didn’t appear publicly, but we still wanted these spam comments off our site completely, and had to frequently visit our sites and “empty out the trash” (or empty the spam). We’ve since learned that we can actually set the spam comments to automatically delete spam comments on posts more than a month old, and we may start using that. We do sometimes like to go through a few of the spam comments just in case a legitimate comment got tossed into the spam folder by mistake, but we’ll see if that happens often, and if not, we’ll do the new setting.

However, we do spend quite a bit of time on this site. tant.co.za , and it’s not such a big deal to often empty out the spam here – so we thought we’d allow comments again
on at least some of our posts.

Some things you should know about commenting on this site,
or that you may like to know:

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