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Desperate to Make Extra Money?

If you are desperate to make extra money you are probably wishing you had started something a few weeks ago that could be making you some extra money right now. Stop waiting until you are really desperate and start something that could be making you some extra money in a few weeks from now.

If you’re pretty desperate, you’re not going to have money to pay to start something, so here is one method of making extra money that doesn’t necessarily have to cost you anything to start working at:

Make Extra Money from PLANTS

If you don’t have your own garden use the garden of a family member or friend.

Look in the garden and see what shrubs or plants there are that you can take small slips from or take a small part from including roots, and replant into plant containers. Look for small palms growing beneath large palms.

At first the plant containers don’t need to be special. They could be empty ice-cream containers or similar empty plastic containers that you’ve used a knife or fork to puncture a few holes into the bottom of. The plant containers could be small boxes that you’ve lined with a part of a plastic packet and have put a few small stones into the bottom of. You could fill them with some soil you’ve taken from the same garden you got your slips or parts of plants from.

Replant your slips and parts of plants into your plant containers, water them, and then see if they “take” before selling them. For waiting to see if the plants will “take” about 3 weeks should be enough. The plants may die off a bit at a first or look limp, but if they look refreshed enough after that, wait a little longer, and then they’re good to go.

Also consider planting seeds or pips into little containers, and when these plants or flowers grow, sell them. You can purchase some seeds, or collect dry seeds from flowers and plants in the garden as the flowers and plants in the garden begin dying off for the year.

Things that have lots of pips that you can collect, and replant:
cherry tomatoes;
green peppers and red peppers

To Make Extra Money from your Plants, You need to Sell them

Where to sell your small plants, small trees, herbs, and seedlings

From the lawn of your own garden, or from your patio, or sunny breezy room of your house – put a homemade sign on your wall, stick homemade A4 size posters up on community notice boards, stick a homemade A4 size poster into the back window of your car – sometimes pack some of the stronger plants into your car too.

Share the cost of a flea market or craft market stand for a day with a friend, and sell your plants at a flea market or craft market.

Try save some of the money you make to purchase more seeds or seedlings, and some better-looking plant containers.

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