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Earn Passive Income from Writing

How do you earn passive income from writing? What is passive income?

Passive income is when you do some work, in this example, writing and marketing your writing, then you do not have to do any more work, yet you keep earning!

It can be a slow process, and, obviously, the more you do, the more your passive income earnings increase. Earnings may be very little at first, but if you stick to it, you can continue reaping the rewards for everything you’ve already done. Do more work, and you earn more money.

Earning passive income from writing is different from writing articles or web content for clients or as a freelancer. Passive income from writing is also different from writing articles to sell them on an online writing site or to a magazine.

To earn passive income from writing you submit your articles to online writing sites, or add them to one of your own blogs or websites.

You market them a bit (or a lot, preferably) by linking to them from other articles you’ve already written, or will write in the future, or by linking to them from social and bookmarking sites you belong to. Some bookmarking sites also have earnings opportunities for you.

If you do a bit of keyword research, and learn about the basics of on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you may also learn how to repeat important words in your articles that people are searching for on the Internet, and, if done correctly, your articles stand a good chance of also being found on the Internet by people searching for topics you write about. The goal is to try get page 1 Google search results for some words and phrases in your articles.

Other members of the writing sites you join also view the articles you write. You go view or rate a few of their articles; comment on their articles, and depending on how nice a comment you left for them, they may come and view your articles too.

The more views your articles get, the more you can earn.

How do you earn passive income from writing?

Some writing sites pay you small amounts merely because the pages your articles are on are getting views. Why? Their adverts that they themselves earn from are on the same pages as your articles.

Sometimes you can include your Google Adsense publisher id when you sign up to some writing sites (you must have a Google Adsense account) and then some or all of the Adsense ads on the pages of these writing sites, where your articles are displayed, have your Adsense publisher id in them, and if somebody viewing your article clicks a Google Adsense ad on the page, you earn some money.

Never click your own Adsense ads. Google will penalise you for this, possibly closing your Adsense account.

Some of the writing sites also allow you to add your Amazon or other affiliate program id when you sign up, so that when a person clicks an ad on the page, visits the affiliate site, and buys a product or uses a service, you earn a commission.

Some of the writing sites allow you to link to articles you have elsewhere. Sometimes they allow you to do this linking to your other articles in the articles you write for their writing site, or on your profile page of that writing site.

You also earn in similar ways on some bookmarking sites.

If you’ve published some great articles, with good SEO, that people can find easily when they search for something on the Internet, and also if you make friends on the writing sites, social sites and bookmarking sites you join, as well as if you link to your articles from many online places, especially from busy places that have good reputations or high page ranks, your articles may get quite a bit of traffic (visitors.)

The more visitors you get the more your earnings can be. When you feel you’ve done enough work, or that you are happy with your passive income from writing, you can stop working, but you continue to earn. Sometimes these passive income earnings will increase, and sometimes they will decrease, but, generally, you’ve created a source of income that is passive. You continue earning for work you’ve finished doing. How cool is that?

If you’ve done your work well, it is unlikely that your passive income from writing could decrease all the way down to nothing, but should this happen, just take the time to go through your articles to see where you could improve them, or market your articles a little more, or write and publish more articles!

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