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List of What You Need to Move Out of Home

There are quite a few things you will need before you can move out of home and get a place of your own. Although living at home is convenient, and cheap, you’re now ready to do your own thing after matric or after college, but what will you need before you can actually move out of home?

Well, to move out of home, money is a big necessity, obviously, so hopefully you’ve been saving up, or your family can assist a bit, or you can continue living at home a while longer, perhaps even earning some extra income in your spare time, and can save money until you can afford to move out.

Try understand that your parents may need some assistance with your living expenses while you are still living at home.

If you are really desperate to get a place of your own, and don’t yet have enough money to pay for all your living expenses, consider getting one, two, three or more friends to move in with you and share the rent and living costs. This is called communal living. When enquiring about renting a flat or house, and you’re thinking of having friends live there too, you would need to first check with the landlord that communal living is allowed.

The very bare necessities you will need to move out of home are:

money to pay for rent and electricity
money to pay for food
money for painkillers, cough mixtures, plasters, and doctor or dentist visits
money to pay for basic cleaning materials like washing powder
pegs to hang your washing
a washing line on which to hang your washing

an iron, and ironing board – or at least an ironing blanket to put on the floor or on the table if you have a table

a mattress to sleep on, even if you just put it on the floor
a sleeping bag, or a sheet and a blanket
a pillow and a pillow case
towels, shampoo, toothpaste, soap, razors, toilet paper
plates, bowls, cups, glasses, cutlery
dishwashing liquid
dishcloths and dishtowels
dirtbin bags
broom, dustpan, mop, bucket
candles and matches in case of power failure
torch and torch batteries

What you will need to make life a little more comfortable when you move out of home:

a bed to put your mattress on
spare sheets, pillow cases, blankets, duvets and duvet covers, comforters or quilts
table and chairs
shower curtain
bathroom mats
two-plate stove
pots and pans
drying rack
washing machine

What you will need to make life considerably more comfortable and enjoyable when you move out of home:

a lounge suite
a pet or two, petfood, and petfood bowls
plants and a watering can
television licence and a television
sound system
a computer and Internet access
a spare bed, mattress, pillow and linen
a desk or extra table and chair
alarm or security system installed
garden or balcony furniture
lawnmower, weedeater
hammer and nails
pictures to hang on the walls
pool and pool cleaning materials and equipment
somebody to clean the house or flat and to cook meals

Into the Future:

money for:
car, petrol, car maintenance
sports club or hobby club fees and equipment
eating out, going out, gifts for girlfriend or boyfriend, or for fiance’
entertaining guests
vacations away from home
getting married
medical aid, insurance, investments
having and raising children
financially assisting your children when they finish matric and want to move out of home

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Ad Rates - Advertising Rates for advertising on our site in South Africa with a 468 x 60 ad banner
Ad Rates - Advertising Rates for advertising on our site in South Africa with a 468 x 60 ad banner
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