Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.

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On my to-do list

On my to-do list

Other than my usual stuff Terry has added a few things to my to-do list that she wants me to make. Im going to list those, then cover what is already on my to-do list. I’m not feeling overwhelmed – not yet anyway – but I do think it won’t be too long before I start drawing projects from a hat, so that everything gets an equal opportunity. That’s what life is about, not so? Equal Opportunity?

to-do list

to-do list

Right. Terry’s list…

1) A BeachyTanT sign – to use at craft markets we go to.
2) Doorstops. We used to make doorstops, and sold them….
3) Wind Chimes. We used to make windchimes, and sold them…
4) Sea glass creatures (?) on driftwood. We used to make …. Get the idea? Obviously we know where this is heading…
5) Mini Driftwood sculptures. Never made anything like this before.
6) Framed pictures – pebble art etc. Never done this either.
7) Shambala Style bracelets. We used to make etc…
8) Eternity/friendship bracelets. We used to make…. etc…
9) Sea glass bracelets… We used to…
10) Wire earrings. Made a few, sold a few…
11) Other earrings. using found natural items, such as thorns, lucky bean seeds, shells, reclaimed wood…
12) Driftwood tealight candle holders. Made and sold etc…

My list:
1) 2 web design clients need attention.
2) Make more mini surfboards – 2 patterns.
3) Tiny leather books.
4) More leather book covers in all styles (stock on all of these are low).
5) Wooden books. Handbound books with wooden covers.
6) Driftwood display stand – done 3, got one to go to complete the batch.
7) Make a bunch of cheapie bracelets – bracelets we can sell for R10 to R15.
8) Take a walk to the woodshop and collect woodshavings for the cats litter tray.
9) Get the photos taken at Silverkeeper off my camera and give them to Terry for processing.

Obviously this list does NOT cover anything that may crop up inbetween…

Conspicuous by its absence is the lack of allocated tea-times, and the lack of allocated procrastination time…

And because I dont own a hat, there is nothing other to do than to knuckle down and

make tea…

I may start working after that… if I don’t have another cup of tea while I decide on how best to tackle the lists…

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