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Snack Platters – Extra Income Idea – Make Money From Snack Platters

Perhaps you are reluctant to try to make money from snack platters because so many people and stores are already making money selling snack platters.

sausage snack platters are particularly yummy with dips

sausage snack platters are particularly yummy with dips

Then why is it that so many stores and some people are already preparing and selling a wide variety of snack platters? Would you really rather try make something and sell something that nobody is familiar with?

Perhaps an idea you have for making money is absolutely brilliant, but how many people need that thing? How much time will you need to spend marketing it and convincing people that they really can’t live without your product?

It’s not a bad idea to try earn extra income from something that people are already familiar with, and that many people already buy regularly.

So why would somebody buy your snack platters instead of the snack platters they usually buy? Knowing this, and making it work for you, is your secret to selling more snack platters than the next person or store.

To make money from snack platters, try to:

Do a lot of research and planning before you begin; ask yourself questions, and find the answers to them:

sandwich platters are versatile snack platters

sandwich platters are versatile snack platters

Where can you buy affordable and attractive trays for your snacks?
Could you be more creative with how your snacks are presented?
What do other snack platters look like?
Could your snack platters look better?
What do other snack platters consist of?
Could your snack platters contain some really interesting and different items?
How much do other snack platters cost?
Could yours be more affordable?
What do other snack platter menus looks like?

When you look at other snack platter menus do you find yourself wanting to know more, like how many items of food you get in a snack platter, and how many of each type of food? Are the different foods and quantities of these foods listed in the snack platter menu? Can you provide your potential snack platter buyers with a more detailed snack platter menu?

Can you take beautiful photos of the food to include in your snack platter menu?

How big are the snacks in other snack platters?
Could you provide both tiny snacks and larger snacks?

Can your snack platters satisfy a wide variety of different people and different situations? Toddlers? Children at a kiddies party? Vegetarians? Older or ill folk who struggle to chew and swallow? Small social gatherings of just 5 or 6 people? Large corporate functions catering up to 100 or more people?

Are there any special extras you could include in your snack platters, or that you could at least advertise at the same time that you advertise or hand over your snack platters?

You could include or advertise extra items like:

fresh veggies or herbs from your garden,
homemade dried herbs,
homemade sauces and dips
homemade juices
homemade after dinner mints
small toys for the kids

How will you market your snack platters, where, and to which people?

It is not only people gathering at a party, social function or corporate function who may enjoy ordering a snack platter or two.

Approach people on building sites and in office blocks. Factories. Schools. Leave your menu with them. Your menu could be something as simple as 2 or 3 A4 sheets of paper stapled at the corner. But be sure to include all prices and options. A wide variety.

Perhaps get a free blog like a Blogger blog to display photos of your snack platters. Or get your own website or blog. Include the link to your blog on your menus.

Do not let finances hold you back from getting started. Fancier menus or brochures or your own website can come later.

Consider everything:

Get a health licence.

Will you deliver the snack platters or should they be collected, or will you offer a choice between the two?

How will people pay you? Upon ordering, upon collection or delivery, or part payment before and the balance on collection or delivery?

How much notice should people give you before they need their snack platter or snack platters?

Carefully work out your costs before you put a price on your different snack platters. Perhaps first make one or two snack platters for your family or friends, and work out the costs of every last item.

Include a cute little business card in each of the snack platters, even a homemade business card, so that people enjoying the snacks can also order snack platters from you in the future, for their own functions, parties or get-togethers.

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