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Craft Ideas – List of 60 Craft Ideas

A lovely list of 60 craft ideas. Use this list of craft ideas to get creative and to make something! Hopefully these craft ideas will give you ideas on what homemade craft items to make to save on the cost of gifts, or to sell and earn some extra income.

Craft Ideas List 1 to 10

pink and yellow sausage dog draft excluder

pink and yellow sausage dog draft excluder

Make and sell custom chess sets for extra income

Sausage dog draft excluders

Make wooden toys for children
Make and sell tie dyed tshirts
Make post boxes

Make handcrafted photo albums

Special friends friendship bracelets
Make and sell homemade doorstops

Make dog beds and dog pillows
Make and sell decorative candles

Craft Ideas List 11 to 20

Make handcrafted buttons
Make lampshades
Decorate pots for plants
Christmas crackers and crackers for birthday parties too
Handcrafted recipe books
Homemade soaps
Wind vanes

Make hammocks and one for yourself too, so that you can relax and dream up your next great craft idea!

Make craft kits so that others who have craft ideas can just start making the craft items with the materials you provide

Craft Ideas List 21 to 30

Hats: beanies, caps and sunhats
Knitted or crocheted warm scarves

Blankets, duvets and bedspreads

Beach bags

Restored or decorated second hand picture frames and handmade picture frames


Christmas tree ornaments, homemade Christmas trees

Birdfeeders on poles and hanging birdfeeders

outdoor mobiles or windchimes

outdoor mobiles or windchimes

Mobiles for hanging above babies cots or for hanging outdoors

Craft Ideas List 31 to 40

Use your woodworking tools
Make paper gift bags to sell
Wooden house numbers

Make and sell round tuits – you know those “when I get around to it is when I’ll do it” sayings? Well now those people will have no excuse if they own a round tuit!

Felt door signs
Knit Christmas stockings
Handcrafted Halloween candle holders
Handcrafted wooden pens
Handcrafted jewelry boxes
Make reusable grocery bags

Craft Ideas List 41 to 50

Dog clothing, accessories for dogs, and toys for dogs
Homemade calendars
Funky jewellery made from unusual items
Beaded jewellery: bracelets, necklaces, belts that tie, ankle chains
Hair accessories
Decorated tshirts
Handcrafted puzzles
Soft books for babies
Furniture and clothes for dolls
Dolls Houses

Craft Ideas List 51 to 60

Driftwood centerpieces – great at weddings with a beach theme or driftwood theme, used on all the wedding tables

wedding favors for wedding guests
wine glass charms – great at weddings, blending in with the theme of the wedding

stepping stones

garden signs

garden ornaments

knitted or crocheted mug warmers
knitted or crocheted bed socks
curtain tie-backs
greeting cards

Hope you’re feeling creative after reading this list of craft ideas. Now get making something and perhaps you will make a bit of something else too – money, from selling your lovely craft items!

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