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Desperate for Money? Desperate to Earn Extra Income? Make Money!

If you are desperate for money or desperate to earn extra income it is likely you have no money to start anything new, to make money from. Has it crossed your mind that you can make money from free things?

Desperate for money? Desperate for Extra Income?

Desperate for money? Desperate for Extra Income? Collect things at the beach and sell them, or make some things from what you collected at the beach, and sell those items.

You can make money from free things

– and even more so if you already have access to the Internet.

You can make money from nothing. In fact there are several ways you can make money from nothing.

If you desperate for money or desperate to earn extra income, try and get yourself to calm down just a bit, and concentrate a bit.

It’s hard (to try and be calm) as being desperate can get one feeling very depressed,
but just do it – calm down and think.

Go for a 5 minute walk, and then come back and sit down with a pen and some paper for taking notes – and while on that subject, making a list or taking notes often helps one feel less desperate, depressed, or overwhelmed, so try get into the habit of grabbing pen and paper whenever you feel lousy. On that note, writing itself is often a great stress reliever. Have you tried it? Just get out pen and paper or open up a blank page on your computer – and start writing – anything! Done it? How do you feel?

You may want to check out a specific site – where you can write short posts (on just about any topic – grumble about your lack of money or about being desperate for money or desperate to earn extra income if you want! – and when those short posts of yours are viewed, liked or commented on, you earn – see? There’s immediately at least one way to make money that costs nothing to start if you already have access to the Internet. Learn more about this pretty cool site, where you can earn extra income:
Would you like to get paid to blog on another blog?

Stop being so desperate for money. Why? You don’t have to be. You can make money starting from nothing – but a first step still has to be taken – start to do, rather than keep looking for new ideas. Jotting down a plan of action or a list of things you need to do, is a good start – grab your pen and paper, and start planning – then follow through – don’t let that piece of paper gather dust – use it!

Have a look through our extra income ideas list for some great ideas, but in addition to that, read on for further ideas on how to make money from nothing.

Before I get into ways one can make money from nothing, I do feel I need to tell you that of course you also need to advertise what it is you’re doing so that you can get customers or clients – and the more you advertise the more customers or clients you can get. Don’t panic! There are many free ways to advertise!

Okay, on with some ways to make money from nothing:

Do you stay close to a beach? Collect sea glass or driftwood and sell it just as is, or make some things with the sea glass or driftwood pieces and sell those. We do this for some extra income.

If you don’t stay close to a beach, but have a garden or can visit the gardens of friends – collect sticks, tree bark, greenery, plants, flowers, dry flower seeds or plant seeds and make those work for you – make things and sell them, or plant seeds in just about any container and once you have some seedlings, sell those.

Collect discarded items (like tin cans or beer bottles), turn them into something crafty, and sell them.

Can you cook and bake? Start with just the ingredients you already have in the house.

You can do some things that others can’t. Yes you can! Some kids can’t do what you can do, right? Offer lessons.

Look after houses or pets while people are away.

Upcycle things already in the house – make something and sell it.

Make money online from blogging or from writing online – even on other sites, or on a free Blogger (blogspot.com) blog – learn a little more about blogging and SEO first, perhaps.

If you do need a little income to get started on something – like you want your own site rather than a free site, or you want to sell some things you’ve made at a flea market or craft market but don’t have the stall fee money or the petrol (gas) money for the car to get there – go through your house and see what you don’t need anymore – have a garage sale or advertise your things for free in the local paper that has a free ads section once a week, or advertise the things for sale online on a popular free classifieds site or popular free advertising site. Then use the money you make from the sales of your items for something that will ultimately make you more money.

If you’re desperate for money or desperate for extra income, I do hope you’ve found this post, and that you are able to calm down enough to start thinking more clearly, to take some notes, and to start putting your plans into action. If you know somebody desperate for money, try understand that it can be difficult for them to calm down enough to think clearly. Perhaps tell them about the ideas and info on this page. It’s not nice feeling desperate, overwhelmed or depressed about lack of money. Help people feel better.

Get started on a journey to feeling less desperate! You’re not going to get to that point of feeling good unless you do something about – and you don’t even need any money to get started on some things – so grab your pen and paper, walk around your house and look at things with a new outlook, look online, plan what you need to do regards some of the ideas on this page – and GET STARTED!

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