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Making money from Something You are Good At?

Have you heard of people making money from something they are good at? You must have, since most people would not be making money if they weren’t good at what they do to make that money!

You’re also good at something – you are! Wouldn’t you love to be making money from something you are good at? You can!

You are definitely good at something. Don’t you dare say that you’re good at nothing! You don’t have to be the best at something to make money from that something (just think of shops – there are many shops selling the same things – there is not just one shop a person could go to for that thing!) You just need to be fairly good at something, and you can make money from it. Put your mind to it!

The beautiful thing about being good at something is that you likely enjoy it too. Imagine making money from something you enjoy doing!

Everyone is good at something, and some are lucky enough to be good at a whole bunch of things. Now why not turn what you’re good at into making some extra money for yourself? You may even discover it could turn into a full time work at home job.

Now the thing is, is to be creative. When it comes to making money from something you’re good at, don’t just think “Well, I’m good at massaging my husband’s feet, so what can I do with that? Nothing!” Stop, and think again.

Get out a notebook and pencil, or start typing up a page of ideas on your computer. Take just one thing at a time (that you’re good at) and look at it from all angles. Let’s look at massaging feet, for instance:

Advertise that you massage feet from home, how long it takes, and how much it costs. Look up some info as to why massaging feet is good for you, and include it in your advert that info in your ad in some way.

You don’t enjoy massaging other people’s feet? You only want to massage your husband’s feet? Maybe other people are interested in making money from massaging other people’s feet. Give (and charge for) lessons to people to show them how to massage feet. See? Making money from something you’re good at could have more to it than you may have first thought.

Using special creams when you massage your hubby or wife’s feet? How are they made? Can you make something similar from home, a handmade foot massaging cream, that you can sell?

Do you play music while massaging feet? What kind of music? Can you source old CDs at second hand shops that you can resell at a profit as “music to massage feet to”

– or buy and sell second hand books on foot massage. Just get creative! Jot down all your ideas.

Always look at everything from every angle. If you’re good with your hands or with crafts, can the item also be made as a cute miniature version? If it’s already small, can a larger version be made? Can it be made from different materials? Can you alter it slightly to appeal to younger people, kids, the elderly? Think!

Ok, so you’re not great at massaging feet. What else are you good at? You might get some ideas. Here are a few more ideas:

Good at reading stories to your children? Start a “babysitting” service where you read to little kids while their parents go shopping or out for lunch – either at your own home, or at theirs.

Good at decorating your home with flowers? Start fun flower arranging classes for kids.

Good at baking delicious goodies for your family? Bake for others too. Drop off menus at factories and office blocks and let people order. You can deliver the baked goodies or let people collect. Approach various schools and ask if their tuck shops would like to sell your goodies. Start a service catering to parties (or to kids or to adults).


Of course never forget that anything you know quite a bit about – or that you can easily do a bit more research on – easy because it’s something you enjoy learning about, can be written about, in a blog and you can make money from blogging. Making money from blogging is pretty cool – you just write about the things you are passionate about, instead of actually doing them – or you can do both of course – blogging on your own blog can help bring more visitors to it, and thus more people will perhaps learn more about the products you sell or the services you offer.

Making money from something you are good at can be a pretty cool way to make a living or to make some extra income.

Get happy making money from something you are good at!

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