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Would You Like to Get Paid to Blog on Another Blog?

Get paid to blog! Would you like to get paid to blog? It’s like getting paid to blog on another blog, or is even exactly that, when you blog on a particular site Tony and I and many others blog on. I get paid to blog (write) and hang out on another site, and have been getting paid for this blogging for nearly 14 months now.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (Feb 2015): I’VE LEFT THIS CONTENT HERE TO SHOW YOU HOW IT WAS, BUT THE BUBBLEWS SITE HAS CHANGED SINCE, AND EARNINGS RATES ARE NO LONGER AS HIGH AS THEY USED TO BE TOO. If you want ideas for working from home, have a look at our list of over 3000 ideas for working from home.

Get paid to blog! Blogging is fun!

Get paid to blog! Blogging is fun!

It’s almost like hanging out at Facebook, writing status updates and liking or commenting on the status updates of your Facebook friends – except you don’t get paid on Facebook when your status updates are read or liked or commented on.

On Bubblews you do get paid when what your wrote is read, liked or commented on.

The pennies add up, you can check the amounts on your Bubblews bank page, and after a while you can cash out! On Bubblews, you get paid to blog!

I get paid to blog on my own sites because I monetize my sites with ads, and also offer services and products, but it can be hard work, and isn’t always fun. I like blogging on my own sites, and earning money from my own sites, but it’s also nice to hang out on other sites, and to get paid to blog there too – especially when those sites pay you to do so, like Bubblews does. It’s also less lonely blogging on a site that many others blog on too. You get to know the other bloggers over time, and make new online friends.

For beginners who want to get paid to blog, the idea of starting their own blog may be scary. They can get paid to blog on another site, like on Bubblews, and can consider starting their own blog at a later stage.

A person who writes and hangs out at Bubblews is called a bubbler, and when they write and interact (read, like and comment) on Bubblews, they are bubbling. It’s fun to bubble on Bubblews. It’s fun to get paid to blog on another blog.

Some people spend a lot of time on Bubblews, and earn as much as $500 a month (about R5 000 per month for South Africans – yes, South Africans can join Bubblews too – anyone in the world can!) or more for their efforts there, while most others just hang out on Bubblews in their spare time, just for fun, and appreciate the extra income they earn for doing so.

Would you like to get paid to blog? You can on Bubblews!

You need a verified PayPal account, so that you can receive your payments, and then join Bubblews (for free) and start blogging (or bubbling!). You could even start bubbling on Bubblews right away – just don’t click the redeem button (to cash out so you can get paid) until your PayPal account is all sorted out – verified, and linked to your FNB online bank account (in South Africa, for South Africans).

Your blog posts (or bubbles) don’t need to be very long at all – just 400 characters minimum (about 100 words) – not counting the title, your username, links to your other bubbles, or spaces and too much punctuation. Does 400 characters sound like a lot? It’s not:

See my two paragraphs further above – the two paragraphs above the bold “Would you like to get paid to blog? You can on Bubblews!”– the one that starts with “A person who writes …” and ends with “… to blog on another blog.” and the one beneath it that starts with “Some people spend a lot of time …” and ends with “… they earn for doings so.”? Well, just those two paragraphs are already 482 characters without spaces – even already more than the minimum 400 characters required for a post on Bubblews.

Write about just about anything on Bubblews, and then read some other posts on Bubblews, liking the ones you enjoy reading, and commenting on the ones you feel you’d like to leave a comment on – these activities encourage the writers of those posts to come and visit your posts too – and you earn for every view that your posts get, every like your posts receive, and every comment your posts receive. You don’t earn much for this, but hey, it all adds up, and it’s fun hanging out on Bubblews and making new friends – the sort of thing you do on Facebook, but which you don’t get paid for doing on Facebook.

Do you want to get paid to blog? Join Bubblews! BUT some warnings and tips to ensure you have a good time on Bubblews and that you do get paid:

Abide by the rules and terms of use of the site – it’s not difficult to do – but if you break those rules or don’t abide by the terms of use, you don’t get paid or may have posts deleted or may even have your account shut down – so don’t try and cheat! – just have fun, abide by the rules, and earn some extra income.

Write from the heart, only your own words
– never copy anything from the Internet for your posts
– that is theft and you won’t get paid!

Perhaps read a good few other posts before you write your first one, so you get a good idea of what people write about on Bubblews – a link to my Bubblews profile and a link to Tony’s Bubblews profile is at the bottom of this article.

Don’t follow spammers and cheaters.
Flag and delete spam comments your own posts get.
Flag spam comments on other posts you read.

Leave nice friendly comments on posts that you enjoy reading – leave comments that relate to the post – no “nice post” type comments.

Take notes of date, time and amount, and take screenshots when you redeem (cash out) just in case the site experiences a glitch around the time you redeem and you later have to prove you did actually redeem.

Don’t clog up the Bubblews site owners’ email inbox with unnecessary emails – spend some time exploring the site and you’ll likely find answers to all the things you want to know.

Be a little patient if your redemption payment “payment in progress” email is a day or two or three late – this happens sometimes – wait a week or so before emailing Bubblews about it.

Use only the Pixabay images or your own images in your posts – and say at the bottom of your posts if it’s a Pixabay image or your own image.

Once signed up, add a short bio to your profile page – people like to know a bit about you besides getting to know you through reading your posts – it may encourage more people to read your posts if you have a bio on your profile page.

Never ever ask anybody to read or like your posts or to comment on them. Just interact nicely and it will happen automatically.

Do not link to your personal sites in your posts – you can leave a link to your personal site on your profile page at the top.

Both Tony and I have earned some extra income on Bubblews. In the last 14 months I’ve earned about $1 250 (about R12 250) extra income on Bubblews, just enjoying some free time there, writing, reading, liking, and commenting, and replying to comments my posts get – and I’ve made many new friends there too. It’s fun! We hope to see you around at bubblews.com !

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