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Take Your Dog To The Beach

Take your dog to the beach, to the sun, the sea, and sand
Your doggie will be the happiest doggie in all the land!

Dogs also like to have fun in the sun at the beach! Yes, wet dogs smell pretty awful when they jump back into your car for the trip home, but why deny them the chance to have a bit of fun at the beach just because they’re going to smell bad because of it. You do things like sport that makes you smell bad too, but this doesn’t stop you from doing them, and you have fun, and you get exercise. Exercise is good for dogs too. Dogs also like to have fun.

A puppy visiting the beach for the first time can be an enjoyable time for the whole family. Running with the puppy across the sand, up and down the sand dunes or away from the splashing edges of the ocean gives the whole family some exercise – and then your family can smell bad too, right along with your puppy!

Don’t forget to explore the rock pools and at least get your feet wet too – you can’t expect your puppy to be big and brave and explore that huge amount of water all on her own! If your dog is adventurous, then, as long as there aren’t too many other dogs on the beach that that your dog may chase after, let your dog run, let your dog swim in the sea, let your dog have fun in the sun.

Remember to take a packet or appropriate device to clean up any mess your dog makes on the beach. Keep beaches clean and tidy for everyone to enjoy – surely not even a dog likes stepping in another dog’s mess.

If it’s really hot and sunny, don’t spend too much time at the beach, at least not without also taking some fresh water with you right onto the beach, and a container to pour the water into. Being active on the beach gets dogs thirsty too.

Also, keep some spare water back at where you parked your car, so that you can rinse the salt and sand off your dog, and dry your dog with an old towel before your dog leaves sandy paw prints all over the car, and to help your dog smell not too bad too!

Have fun with your dog in the sun! Take your dog to the beach.

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