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What Types of Freelance Jobs Are There?

There are many different types of freelance jobs. The types of freelance jobs are further split into different types of jobs within each type or category. You can look at the categories on freelance job sites like oDesk to get an idea of the different types of freelance jobs, or you can get an idea right here.

There is very likely some sort of freelance job you could do, whether you’re a writer, a graphic designer, a web designer, stay at home mom, or a youngster in matric or have just finished matric.

What do you need to have before you start applying for different types of freelance jobs on freelance job sites?

You just need a computer and Internet and you can join a freelance job site and apply for a wide variety of different types of freelance jobs. You can work from home and wear whatever you like while you do your work. There are sometimes many freelance jobs posted to some freelance job sites each and every day, so you can do a lot of browsing and decide which freelance job suits you the most. You can even apply for more than one job at a time, since many freelancers apply for the jobs, and you may not get every job you apply for.

Increase your chances of getting a freelance job by applying for more than one at a time. You don’t want to wait to see if you will be accepted for one job, while people are applying for other jobs that you are also capable of doing. You may not get hired for the only one you applied for, and in the meantime may have missed out on another job you could have applied for, and may have been hired to do.

You can also advertise your freelance services on your own site, if you like, instead of applying for jobs on freelance job sites. You’d have to market your site, though, so that many people will visit it, and see the freelance services that you offer.

Main categories of freelance jobs are usually along the lines of:

Writing and Translation;
Sales and Marketing;
Administrative Support;
(come on, you can do these!)
Customer Service;
Business Services;
Design and Multimedia;
Web Development;
Software Development;
Networking and Information Systems;

I’m just going to mention a few of the sub categories in each main category, to give you an idea of the different types of particular freelance jobs you may be able to do:

Writing and Translation freelance jobs
Blog and Article Writing;
Website Content Writing;
Creative Writing;
Translation work

Sales and Marketing freelance jobs
Telemarketing and Telesales;
Sales and Lead Generation;
Market Research and Surveys

Advertising or Website Marketing
Search Engine Optimization;
Keyword Research;
Website Competitor Analysis;
Article Submissions;
Social Marketing;
PPC Advertising Campaigns

Administrative Support freelance jobs
Data Entry;
Internet Research

Customer Service freelance jobs
Technical Support;
Phone support

Business Services freelance jobs
Project Management

Design and Multimedia freelance jobs
Graphic Design;
Logo Design;
Advertising banner design;
Brochure or flyer design;
Print Design

Web Development freelance jobs
Web Design;
CMS set-up;
WordPress installations or set-up;
Web Programming

Software Development freelance jobs
Desktop Applications;
Mobile Apps

Networking and Information Systems freelance jobs
Network Administration;
Server Administration

You will notice from just this list that there are many different types of freelance jobs freelancers can apply for – or that freelancers can advertise on their own site or on free (or not) business listing and business advertising sites.

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