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Are There Freelance Jobs for Matriculants?

There are always freelance jobs available for matriculants, and not just for matriculants but also for anybody else looking for freelance jobs online. The trick, though, is to know where to look for freelance jobs, how to apply for the freelance jobs, being confident you can do the work, and to be hired to do that freelance work.

The reason that freelance jobs are always available for matriculants – and for anybody else in South Africa or anywhere in the world – is because there are thousands of people that need freelance work done for them. They also not only need the work done, but advertise that they need the work done. Just one example of a freelance job site where new freelance jobs are posted every day, sometimes within just minutes of each other, is the freelance job site oDesk.

South African matriculants can apply for freelance jobs on oDesk or on other freelance jobs sites every day. even if the work the matriculants are applying for is to be done for somebody living in another country. South African freelancers can work for anybody in the world, right from their own homes in South Africa.

There are many different types of freelance jobs posted to freelance job sites every day.

A lot of freelance work is related to the Internet or websites, so it is generally a requirement that matriculants looking for freelance work should at least have a computer and Internet access.

Plenty of freelance work is related to advertising: People have a business or website, or both, and to get more work or to sell more products they need as many of their target market as possible to notice that their business exists. They also need to present their business or their websites better than the next guy who is offering a similar service or selling a similar product. They need their advertising to be better than their competitor’s advertising. Your freelance work can help them.

When there are thousands of businesses or websites offering similar services or selling similar products, it may be daunting to beginner freelancers – especially to those who have just finished matric – to try and work out how to be an excellent freelance service provider in order to help their clients to the satisfaction of those clients.

To stand a good chance of getting the freelance job that many freelancers are applying for, each applicant needs to do his or her best in order to be better than the other freelance job applicants. The better freelancers not only stand a better chance of getting the freelance jobs they apply for, but also stand a better chance of getting a head start on building up their reputation.

As an excellent freelance service provider with a good reputation, it is easier to get freelance work, and also easier to get repeat business from existing clients. Excellent and experienced freelance service providers can also charge more than beginner freelancers. To get to the point of being an excellent freelance service provider, however, will take some work.

You need to be confident in your abilities as a freelance service provider, knowing which types of freelance jobs you are best at.

Now do not start thinking that there is probably no freelance work you can do because you can’t design a website, don’t know how to install WordPress, don’t know anything about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), don’t have PhotoShop or other programs you could use for photo editing or for designing logos, or can’t write without making too many spelling or grammar errors.

Matriculants can learn to do most of the freelance jobs mentioned above simply by reading free information on the Internet, or can do some inexpensive and short online courses – browse through some online courses at Udemy – Start learning on Udemy today!

Use the Google search engine and search for information on how to do this or how to do that. There are also plenty of free online tools that one can use online or that one can download, that can help you with your freelance work.

Spend quite a bit of time learning – Start learning on Udemy today! – how to do the things that may help you get hired for the various freelance jobs you apply for. Spend time practicing what you learn, even testing out your new skills on your own site or blog.

You can also offer your freelance services on your own site. Work hard at getting lots of people to visit your site, and some people may hire you for your freelance services.

Freelance work may sound interesting and easy to do, but freelance work is a job just like any other job and needs to be treated as such – professionally.

Simply doing a lot of research about how to do certain freelance services may even help you realize that you can also add Internet Research to your list of freelance services! (do Internet research for others and charge for that time – time spent looking for information and providing notes on what you found).

Are there freelance jobs for matriculants?
Yes – but matriculants should try avoid rushing into anything if they expect to be successful at doing freelance work. There are many other freelancers out there that will be applying for the same freelance jobs that the inexperienced matriculants will be applyng for.

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