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Make Money From Blogging in South Africa – Start a Blog!

There are a few different ways to make money from blogging in South Africa so why not start a blog? If you want to make money from blogging in South Africa (or anywhere in the world) it’s not going to happen unless you start a blog or start blogging!

You can also make money from blogging if you blog on other sites like on online writing sites, especially if you enjoy making new friends and also enjoy reading what your new friends write, but you will have to share your earnings with the owners of the site. If you start a blog of your own, all the money that you make from your blogging efforts is yours.

Due to a fair amount of daily visitors to our Can South African Make Money Blogging in South Africa? blog post, we realise that there are many people in South Africa who might be thinking that to make money from blogging you have to be living in a larger country like the U.S.A.

It is true that many successful bloggers live in the U.S.A. and that it will likely take you a very long time to be as successful as them. You may even never be as successful as the likes of John Chow or Pat Flynn, but you can still make money from blogging in South Africa if you start a blog or start blogging.

How much money can you make from blogging in South Africa? This is up to you. You don’t just write and the money comes rolling in. Blogging is not as easy or as quick as it may sound. Blogging involves many different things that you will need to learn how to do, and how to do well, if you hope to make even a reasonable income from blogging.

If you’re in South Africa and think you have what it takes to give blogging your best shot, for a long time, then start a blog and see how things go.

At the very least, a good start would be to write new blog posts for your blog as often as you can, of at least 300 words in length each.

The blog posts should be your own writing, and should not also be anywhere else on the Internet – do not copy other people’s content! Doing this will not only harm your site’s search results, making it more difficult for you to make money from blogging, but can also get you into legal trouble with the rightful creator and owner of that content.

As you go along, writing and adding new blog posts to you blog as often as you can, you can start learning about how to monetize your blog with ads, or can even think of your own products to sell from your blog, or services you could offer.

You can also start learning about how to get more traffic (visitors) to your blog, through things like paying a little attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and by leaving links on other sites that if clicked bring the clicker to your blog or to a specific blog post on your blog.

Nothing at all will happen, though, until you take the first step and start a blog, so that you can start writing and adding your writing to your blog.

Once your blog has about 50 to 100 daily visitors, you can start thinking about joining advertising programs so that you can start displaying ads on your blog, from which you can make money.

If you would like to make money from blogging in South Africa and think that you are up to:

learning a lot about blogging,
putting in a lot of time and effort,
writing a lot for your blog,
and working hard at getting lots of people to visit your blog,

then start a blog.

We recommend that you register a domain and get hosting for your blog right from the start, so that right from the start, your blog is your very own.

The steps to getting set up to start a blog – your own blog, and in particular a blog powered by WordPress:

– register a domain

– get hosting for your blog / your domain, that supports PHP and MySQL

– make sure that the hosting package offers quite a bit of bandwidth or unlimited bandwidth

– install WordPress

– either keep the default free theme or change it out for another free theme from over 1 500 to choose from at wordpress.org

– do some settings in your site’s WordPress dashboard

– consider adding some more widgets or plugins that aren’t already part of the theme – don’t add too many as they may slow down how quickly your blog’s pages open (possibly chasing visitors away)

– set up any widgets or plugins you want to use on your site

– get started adding your blog’s pages, blog posts and navigation tabs!

– of course, also make sure you have a bank account, and preferably also a PayPal account (linked to your bank account in South Africa) in order to receive money you make from your blogging!

If you need help with any of the above steps, we can help with some of them, or even all of them
– see our How to Start a Blog – Your Very Own Blog in South Africa page,
which has steps for you to follow.

Start a blog! Start blogging!

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