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10 Free Ways To Advertise Your Website Online

Using 10 free ways to advertise your website online may help you get more visitors to your website. More visitors to your website may lead to increased earnings for you, if you sell products from your website, offer services on your website, or speak about your business on your website.

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These free ways to advertise your website online are only free because it is assumed you already have a computer and Internet. Some time and effort is certainly still involved.

Note: If you are unable to hyperlink a link to your website when using some of the ways to advertise your website online, then include the http://www. in front of your website address, as this may make your link clickable.

When you are able to use a hyperlink (anchor text words that form your hyperlink) try and include appropriate words, rather than simply “click here.” (Who searches for “click here” on the Internet?)

List of 10 free ways to advertise a website online:

Look for sites that allow guest posts. These sites should preferably have content that is related to the services or products you offer, or these businesses should be located in the same town that you are (or even both!) You give a website owner or blog owner some free content in return for being allowed to display your website link at the bottom of your article.

Use free social sites or bookmarking sites to type in brief descriptions of pages on your site or blog, as well as the link. Some sites to consider using are Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Linkedin. If you have some good photos (of your own) on your site, use Pinterest too.

Offer people free products (especially products that cost you only time and effort to make) or services in return for free advertising space in their website, newsletter or brochure.

Comment on blog posts that have content related to what you sell or do. Do not spam! Read the article, think about the article, and add your decent, lengthy and appropriate comment. You usually fill in your name, email address, and website link – don’t forget the http://www. – when filling in the website field of a comment form on a blog, making your name automatically link to your site.

There are many free online classifieds sites. Some even allow you to upload a few photos. Use appropriate keywords in the ads you write on these free online classifieds sites, including in the title, and post your ads to the correct category.

Somewhat similar to free online classifieds sites are free business directories. List your business description and website link on these free business directories. Some may only offer a free listing if you also link to their site on your own site.

Be active on one or more online writing sites. Most online writing sites allow you to include a link to your site or sites in your profile. Some online writing sites also allow you to include a link to a page on your site in the articles you write for the site, if your website page you’re linking to relates to the article you have submitted to the online writing site .

Get a YouTube channel and upload fun videos, or even “how to” videos related to your products or services. Include a link to your site in the first line of your video text descriptions.

Never forget to include a link to your site in all your outgoing emails.

If your site is a blog, join one or more blog aggregator sites.

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