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Extreme Golf or Putt Putt in Beacon Bay East London

Not sure what the difference between extreme golf, Xtreme Golf, mini golf or putt putt is. Last year we tried out the Xtreme golf in Beacon Bay, East London.

How much does the Xtreme Golf or mini golf in Beacon Bay cost? It cost the 4 of us R220 for the outing.

Xtreme mini golf course Beacon Bay

Xtreme mini golf course Beacon Bay

That was two adults at R20 each to play one of the 3 mini golf courses, two children under the age of 16 at R15 each, and after playing our 9 holes on the blue course (the medium difficulty course) we sat down in the eating area for 4 cans of fizzy cooldrink (R10 each), and 4 burgers – the Xtreme burger was R20, the cheese burger was R22, the cheese and egg burger was R24, and the chicken burger was R24.

putt putt in Beacon Bay East London

putt putt in Beacon Bay East London – our side view while we were eating our burgers

Each burger was served with a medium sized helping of delicious chips, crispy on the outside, and light and mushy inside. Tip to the waitress for R20, bringing us to a grand total of R220 for the Xtreme Golf in East London outing – not a bad price at all.

We were there at lunchtime, Wednesday 11 July 2012. It was school holidays and the place was quite busy. My boys teased me that we should do the easiest of the 3 courses, since I was likely going to struggle to do well.

Well, we chose the easiest mini golf course, the yellow course, but because 4 young children had arrived to start that easiest course just before us, and we could see us waiting for long periods of time before we could advance to the next hole, we went back to the counter and asked which mini golf course design was considered medium difficulty.

a hill in the Beacon Bay putt putt course

a hill in the Beacon Bay putt putt course – me at the top of the hill with my eldest son, and my youngest son at the bottom of the hill

So, it was that we did the blue course nine holes, and I won! Maybe I would have come last out of the 4 of us on the easiest yellow course, who knows.

My eldest son was second, with Tony just-just behind him, with my youngest son not too far behind.

You get a little score sheet (yellow, blue or red) and you fill in how many times it took you to get the golf ball into each of the nine holes. There’s space on the score sheet for 4 people to score how many times they hit the ball before it goes into the hole, so if you have more than 4 people in your group, you’d need a second score sheet too.

The most difficult course of the three is considered to be the red course. Perhaps we’ll try that red mini golf course next.

I used to call this mini golf or extreme golf putt putt, and still think of it as putt putt. There used to be a lovely little putt putt course down near Orient Beach on the East London beachfront. My friends and I would go play the odd game of putt putt, as teenagers, sometimes at night too, if I remember correctly. I don’t know why Orient Beach putt putt shut down.

It doesn’t matter that the putt putt course down at Orient Beach shut down, though, since this new putt putt or Xtreme Golf course, as it is called, opened up in Beacon Bay, not too far from Beacon Bay Retail Park. Between Beacon Bay Retail Park and the Macleantown turnoff.

ninth hole of mini golf course in Beacon Bay

ninth hole of mini golf course in Beacon Bay – the ninth hole of another of the three courses is just above and to the right of my sons’ heads

This Beacon Bay Xtreme Golf Course, well all three of them, is quite cleverly designed, I think.

I don’t know anything about mini golf course designs, but I liked the way that the three courses all seemed to be so close to each other.

So everyone having fun is all in roughly the same area. One hole of one course may be right next to one hole of another course, at various points along your own course.

Website set-up for R300

Website set-up for R300

There are also plenty of water features inbetween the holes (so don’t hit that golf ball too hard!) and plants and shrubs too. An attractively designed mini golf course design (or putt putt course design)!

You could be playing not very far from, or even right next to somebody playing a different course, at certain holes during your 9 hole game. So if you’re not too busy watching that your fellow mini golfers aren’t cheating, have a look around while you wait your turn, and see how other people on the courses are coping; or don’t look if they’re really good, and you feel really embarrassed by your own efforts. Up to you. Have fun!

There is also a tenth hole (the same tenth hole for all 3 mini golf courses,) that if you can get a hole in one in, you can get a free game (9 holes) (value R20 if you are an adult, or R15 if you are under 16) so if you want to immediately try out one of the other courses, and you got a hole in one in that tenth hole, only 3 in a party of 4 would have to pay for that next game. None of us got a hole in one in that tenth hole, so we don’t know and didn’t ask how long the prize was vaild for (if for example you wanted to do another course only on another day.)

All in all, a fun and very affordable outing, at Xtreme Golf in Beacon Bay, East London, no matter what your age!

We are not the owners of Extreme Golf – we simply wrote this blog post after visiting the place. This blog post gets found easily in Google search results, and people contact us looking for a contact phone number for Extreme Golf. We do not have their phone number.

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