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How To Play The Chocolate Slab Party Game

The Chocolate Slab Party Game is likely to be enjoyed by anybody who loves chocolate and who loves an exciting and tense party game. For a better chance of all the players getting a taste of the chocolate slab, the chocolate slab party game should not really be played by more than 4 to 6 people.

The chocolate slab party game is an ideal party game to play during a party that has a chocolate theme, but can be played and enjoyed during any other kind of party too.

The main aim of the chocolate slab party game:

To be as quick as possible, to feel the excitement of the game, to achieve a large amount of high volume shouts and squeals, and to get a block of that chocolate slab into your mouth!

How to present the chocolate slab for the party game:

Preferably use a large chocolate slab, that doesn’t contain nuts so that the individual chocolate blocks will break off more easily and all in one piece when each chocolate block is cut off the slab with a knife and fork.

Wrap the chocolate slab in a piece of newspaper, using sticky tape. Then wrap that in another piece of

Then another,
and another.

Other items needed to play the chocolate slab party game besides players and the wrapped chocolate slab:

A knife and 4 to 6 forks (one fork for each player)
A pair of clean socks
A dice
A sheet or blanket
Extra newspaper
A cutting board or bread board

Where to play the chocolate slab party game:

Playing the chocolate slab party game outdoors may be best. Place a large sheet, blanket or picnic blanket on the grass, and put a large sheet or two of newspaper on top of the blanket, in the centre. Place the wrapped chocolate slab on a cutting board or bread board on top of and in the centre of the newspaper.

If wanting to or needing to play the chocolate slab party game indoors, perhaps a carpeted floor would be the best bet. Place the blanket, newspaper, board and wrapped chocolate slab in the centre of the floor, leaving enough space around the blanket for 4 to 6 players to sit comfortably and not knock anything over in their excitement during the game.

How to Play the Chocolate Slab Party Game

Strict rules must apply and be adhered to throughout the game. Breaking the rules of the game results in a person missing a turn, and if one of the main aims of the party game is that everyone tries to get a block or two or more of chocolate slab into their mouths, they certainly don’t want to break the rules of the game and miss a turn.

The 4 to 6 players sit on the grass or carpet (or even on the blanket if it is big enough) with the chocolate slab, dice, knife and pair of socks in the middle. Each player will have their own fork directly next to them or directly in front of them.

Each person gets a chance to roll the dice once, in a clockwise direction. The person who rolls the highest number on the dice will be the person that starts the game (the person who gets to roll the dice first, before the dice is passed around in a clockwise direction to the next player.)

Players want to roll a 6. The passing of the dice should be continual and fast throughout the entire game. The dice should be rolled properly, no trying to cheat!

When a player rolls a 6, he or she needs to:

Yell “Stop!” (so that whoever last rolled a 6 must immediately stop what he or she was doing in the game.

Put the socks on his or her hands (right over each hand beyond the wrist) – it doesn’t matter if the socks are inside out or not

Pick up his or her fork, and the knife in the middle

Players may sit on their haunches or kneel if it is easier to reach the chocolate slab in the middle (It may help to sit or kneel to be in a better position to lean forward to get to the chocolate slab in the middle.)

Proceed to use the knife and fork to try and get to one block of chocolate, cut it off the rest of the slab, and use the fork to put that one block of chocolate in their mouth. They can move onto trying to get a second block or even third block of chocolate into their mouths if nobody else has yet rolled a 6.

When somebody else rolls a 6 and yells “Stop!” they need to immediately stop what they are doing, even if what they were doing meant the block of chocolate on their fork was only 1cm away from entering their mouth!

They may hold out their hands for the person who rolled a 6 to pull the socks off (or if they don’t remember to hold out their hands it doesn’t really matter, because the person who rolled a 6 may already be virtually attacking those socks and pulling them off anyway!

Resume passing the dice around in a clockwise direction and hope to throw another 6.

3 important rules of the chocolate slab party game

At the start of the game, each layer of newspaper wrapping the chocolate slab needs to be removed one layer at a time (with the knife and fork), including all of the chocolate slab paper or any foil. The chocolate slab must be completely bare before anyone attempts to cut a block of chocolate off and get that block of chocolate into their mouth.

At no time are bare hands (or hands with socks over them) allowed to touch the newspaper wrapping the chocolate, the chocolate paper wrapping, or the chocolate.

The socks worn over the hands must be long socks, and must be pulled all the way up to the elbows before the player picks up the knife and fork.

Twists to the chocolate slab party game:

Players must use the knife and fork back to front to how they normally would.

Another twist could be introducing one or two more obstacles to the game, like also having to first put a scarf and hat on, or even having to put a big baggy tshirt on over what they are already wearing, in addition to having to put the socks on their hands,

or they must first recite a silly and fun little rhyme right after they’ve yelled “Stop!” before they attack the hands of the person who is still wearing the socks on their hands.

Be sure to have somebody taking photos, as long as the photographer can keep the camera steady through their own laughter at all the excitement!

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