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Win Prizes with these Two Free Online Games

Win prizes by playing free online games! You can win prizes like member rewards points which can be exchanged for one or more of thousands of products, or you can win prizes like credits for playing more games after your free daily games are finished, or the credits can also be used for a wide variety of other things, including also being able to exchange them for one or more of thousands of products.


– Play free games to try win TCredits or to try win Member Rewards Points
– Use the TCredits to play more games that need a TCredit to be played
– Earn member rewards points when you use TCredits
– Save up your member rewards points
When you have enough member rewards points exchange them for a product

Win prizes with which two free online games?

Win prizes with the very easy to play Card King and Knockout Trivia free online games at TripleClicks

You can play the Card King game for free twice daily, and the Knockout Trivia game for free three times daily. You stand a chance to win prizes even though you played a free game.

If you win some TCredits, you can use those to play more games once your free games for the day are finished. From as little as 1 TCredit per game. You can also purchase TCredits for playing. – there are different packs of TCredits – the more TCredits in a pack, the cheaper each individual TCredit.

Win prizes of what sort, exactly?

  • Well, you can win prizes of a wide variety! If you win MRP (Member Rewards Points) – and if you play often and if you win often – you can save them up until you have enough member rewards points to exchange them for a product you have your eye on – there are thousands of different products to choose from at TripleClicks – all sorts – gadgets, electronics, jewellery, clothing, toys, pet accessories, beauty products, and so much more!
  • Just play one free game daily (either Card King or Knockout Trivia, it doesn’t matter which) to get a daily automatic free entry into the Daily Crown prize drawing. If your name is drawn as one of the 152 who win prizes each day, win prizes like 5 TCredits, 50 MRP (Member Rewards Points) and two lucky winners each day even win a $20 gift certificate each (for spending at Tripleclicks!)
  • If your score at the end of a Card King game is one of the top 100 scores of the day, you win a share of the TCredits Zackpot for that day – you may win as many as 8 to 15 TCredits.
  • If you win a Knockout Trivia match (and there’s about 40 games in each 24 hour period, and you can play for free three times daily), get an extra free entry into the Daily Crown prize drawing.

I want to try win prizes! How do I play these games?

You sign up at TripleClicks for free, and you start playing! Okay, want a little more detail? Here it is:
How to Play the Card King game:
Simply choose if the next card drawn is going to be higher or lower than the previous card that was drawn. Score points for each correct answer. You’ll get more points if you took a bit of risk and you were correct, and less points if you didn’t take too much of a risk and were correct. For example if the previous card drawn was a 3 of something (diamonds, hearts, clubs, spades) and you choose that the next card drawn is going to higher, your risk is low of being wrong, but you won’t get as many points for being correct. Sometimes, if you’re wrong, you get given more chances before guessing incorrectly gets you kicked out.
How to Play the Knockout Trivia game:
Read the trivia question, select an answer from 4 possible answers before the timer runs out (it’s quick, no time to go look up the answer on the Internet!), and if you’re correct you move on to the next round. You’re playing live against other people from all over the world. There are usually anything between 20 and 80 people playing a game. There are about 40 games a day. When one game ends, there’s a 10 minute wait before the next one starts. Be the last one standing to get your extra free entry into the Daily Crown prize drawing.

Two other points of interest!

  • There’s also T-Time that you can play once per hour every single day (24 times a day if you never sleep). Simply click the link, then on the next page click the TripleClicks product and look at it and read about it for 20 seconds, then click the “enter” button, and you’re in with a chance to win TCredits. Every hour TripleClicks gives away 2 TCredits each to 30 lucky winners.
  • When you spend a TCredit on a game (like if you want to after your free daily games are finished for the day), then you get 5 MRP (Member Rewards Points). Spend 2 TCredits to get 10 MRP, 3 TCredits to get 15 MRP etc etc.

Cool, huh? Fun, huh? What you waiting for, huh? Be in with a chance to win prizes by playing games at TripleClicks!

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