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Morgan Bay Footprints Festival – Something for All Sizes of Feet

The Morgan Bay Footprints Festival at the end of May promises to be a weekend to remember. The Morgan Bay Footprints Festival will have something to delight everyone, no matter what their foot size!

The Footprints Festival starts on Friday night, 30 May 2014.

Way to Morgan Bay Footprints Festival

Way to Morgan Bay Footprints Festival from East London

Get on over to Morgan Bay for the entire weekend, or for the day on Saturday, or for the day on Saturday but also spend the night on Saturday night, as the festival continues on Sunday.

When last have you been to Morgan Bay? It’s tar road all the way.

Morgan Bay is not at all far from East London:

Misty Morgan Bay Cliffs

Misty Morgan Bay Cliffs

Get onto the N2 near Hemingways, and if driving at about 90 km an hour, about 55 minutes later you’ll be in Morgan Bay!

Start planning your end-of-May weekend itinerary!
Bring your walking shoes or takkies, get into the spirit of festivity, and go with the flow – to and in Morgan Bay.

The Morgan Bay Footprints Festival Programme or Entertainment


FRIDAY NIGHT 30 May 2014

Enjoy Morgan Bay Hotel’s fish and chips special, at The Deck.

Laugh at the South African comedian, Kevin Perkins, at The Venue, at 8pm.

While enjoying a pub menu meal at the Mitford Hotel, also take advantage of their drinks promotions from 5pm.

Head on over to the Yellowwood Forest Campsite, Restaurant and Gift Shop to indulge in Yellowwood Forest’s Seafood Paella, and to relax while watching and listening to folk and African blues singer Kathy Raven.

At 10pm head back to The Deck where there will be music with DJ Des.

SATURDAY 31 May 2014

Farmers Market and Craft Market Morgan Bay

Farmers Market and Craft Market Morgan Bay at Yellowwood Forest Campsite – fresh produce, crafts, food, gifts, upcycling and recycling, and lots of friendly people

The Saturday of the Morgan Bay Footprints Festival will be a busy day indeed.
Explore, visit, do, and shop!

Get your feet snapped on Saturday morning, at Morgan Bay beach or at Yellowwood Forest. Come on; it’s the Footprints Festival! It’s R5 per foot, and if enough feet are snapped,the project may make it into the Guiness World Records book. Proceeds from the foot-snapping project go to the Morgan Bay township creche and to help assist recycling projects.

Morgan Bay Beach and Morgan Bay Village

Morgan Bay Beach and Morgan Bay Village

While at Morgan Bay beach, enjoy a cricket session with legendary South African cricketer Peter Kirsten, and get up on a pony between 10am and midday, to enjoy a short pony ride on the beach.

While your feet are already out and about, and while you are enjoying the outdoors and beauty that Morgan Bay has to offer, why not take a walk to the Morgan Bay farmers market and craft market at Yellowwood Forest, rather than drive there? Yellowwood Forest is just over 2km from the Morgan Bay Hotel, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint, and the market will be on all day on Saturday.

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Just a 2.2 km walk from Morgan Bay Hotel to Yellowwood Forest Campsite

You’ll find fresh produce at the Yellowwood Forest farmers market and craft market, as well as all sorts of arts and crafts. Get something for yourself or for a friend or family member who couldn’t make it to the Footprints Festival. There’ll be plenty of yummy things to eat too.

During the morning at Yellowwood Forest, you can take part in a a sort of treasure hunt with a twist – a heritage hunt. You’ll be exploring parts of Morgan Bay and taking photos, and will report back to Yellowwood Forest between 1.30pm and 2.30pm, with your photos on your camera or cell phone.

approaching Morgan Bay from Double Mouth

approaching Morgan Bay from Double Mouth

Still at Yellowwood Forest? Good, because in the afternoon at 2pm there’ll be a short circus show performance by Tom’s Circus, which will be followed by a workshop. Ever wanted to learn how to do or try your hand at walking on stilts, cracking a whip, tightrope walking or juggling? Then stay for the Tom’s Circus workshop.


Still at Yellowwood Forest? Even better than good. Saturday evening’s entertainment at yellowwood Forest includes another folk-ish African-blues-ish performance by Kathy Raven, and after you’ve enjoyed her performance you can settle down to watch a movie under the stars with the family.

Or on Saturday evening you could also head on over to The Venue, where Morgan Bay Hotel will be serving a 3-course dinner, and where you can watch and listen to a performance by the five Forte’ opera singers from the Gauteng Opera.

Or enjoy a Bob Dylan tribute performance by Mick Laden at The Mitford Hotel.

beautiful Morgan Bay evening at the beach

beautiful Morgan Bay evening at the beach


Trusting that you will be staying in Morgan Bay on Saturday night to see in the first day of June there, or that you left East London (or wherever) early on Sunday morning, to go and enjoy the day in Morgan Bay, while their Footprints Festival is still on, this is what you can get up to in Morgan Bay on Sunday morning:

With so much to do, see and listen to in Morgan Bay during the Footprints Festival, you may not yet have had a chance to get to the farmers market and craft market at Yellowwood Forest – well, the good news is that it’s still on, on Sunday morning, until after lunchtime.

On Morgan Bay beach you can enjoy a pony ride if you didn’t get a chance to on Saturday, again from 10am to midday.

If all the walking around Morgan Bay has made you feel quite fit, then test your fitness in the short 3.5km running race on the beach on Sunday morning – or just jog along enjoying the fresh salty beach air of Morgan Bay.

Celebrating Morgan Bay

Celebrating Morgan Bay – bring your camera, buy a gift, take a walk on the beach, be entertained, and relax – at the Morgan Bay Footprints Festival

More? Visit the Footprints Festival page of Morgan Bay’s website to see that there really is more you can do (if you can fit it all in!) in or near Morgan Bay during their Footprints Festival at the end of May 2014.

We’re going. Hope to see you there!

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