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10 Good Reasons To Get Your Own Website for Your Craft Market Products

Why get your own website for your craft market products when going to a craft market or to a flea market to sell your craft market products can be a lot of fun?

1 )
Selling your craft market products from your website doesn’t mean you have to stop going to sell at craft markets. In fact, it is encouraged that you do both.

2 )
You could stop going to sell at craft markets if you wanted to, because with a website you’re still selling your craft market products, just online or from home.

3 )
You can reach a wider audience if you have a website for your craft market products, and thus may make more money. People may want your type of product, but never see it at the markets they go to, or they don’t go to markets at all. They may live in other towns or even in other countries. People may be searching for your type of product online, and if you’re not there, you have no chance of being found by them.

4 )
People who see your products at a flea market or craft market may not have enough money with them at the time, or may want to buy only later. You can direct them to your website, from which they can contact you at a later stage.

5 )
You can write a lot of information about your craft market products on your website – information that may encourage visitors to your website to buy your products.

6 )
You can add detailed and beautiful photos to your website, that may encourage visitors to your website to buy your products.

7 )
It creates professionalism. A little business card – even a homemade one – looks more professional if your website address on it shows that the website is your own, rather than a free Blogger blog or Facebook page.

8 )
You may want to list the upcoming markets you’ll be at, on your website, so that those who do like to go to markets know which ones they can go to if they enjoy going to markets or want to first see your products before they buy them.

9 )
Once your website is getting a decent amount of daily visitors to it, you can consider putting some ads on your site, providing you with an additional source of extra income.

10 )
Having your own website doesn’t have to be all that expensive.
See our website packages, for example.

While craft markets have a certain charm about them, so do websites.

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