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Sell Advertising Space to Earn Extra Income

You can rent or sell advertising space to earn extra income.

So many people want advertising space

Think about it. Nobody knows about a business unless it’s advertised. Even word of mouth is advertising, or a sign on the door.

People need to advertise. Some people pay a lot for advertising space, others wish they had the money to, but don’t, so they look at cheap or free advertising methods. If one is not into the Internet or websites or blogs (where it’s relatively easy to find lots of free ways to advertise your site or your business) people may struggle to find affordable advertising that works for them, that does not involve the Internet.

Offer people affordable advertising. Target small business and other people that work from home; stay away from larger companies at the beginning as most of them already use expensive and effective advertising methods and are not likely to be interested in your “small-scale” cheap advertising space that you offer.

So, where can you offer advertising space, and how will you let people know that you sell or rent advertising space without having to spend a fortune on advertising yourself?

Use the same methods to advertise your advertising service that you would use for your clients.

Some ideas for renting or selling advertising space:

Rent ad space on the wall of your house
Be sure to first check if your local municipality has any problems with the idea, and learn anything you need to know about “business premises” from home, because you’re going to be renting or selling ad space on a wall of your house.

If you have a side wall that is easily visble from the street (or even a front wall if you’re really keen about this) then paint a large rectangle on the wall with blackboard paint. Use chalk to divide the blackboard into smaller rectangles or into squares, making sure that each one is large enough so that passersby can see the words in each one easily.

At first, use one or two of the ad spaces to advertise something you do or sell from home, or that a friend does. And have one of the blocks read something along the lines of “Rent this ad space!”

Sell ad space on your car
I’m not talking about fancy expensive artwork on your car to advertise the product or service of the advertisers who advertise on your car; just two small A4 size posters in the back window of your car, or on the inside of a back side window. Be sure to see that you do not obscure your view of the road and other traffic when you position your two small posters. At first both posters will simply declare “Advertise here!” and of course leave a contact phone number or email address. Once you have one advertiser, you can still leave the other “Advertise here!” poster up to target another potential advertiser.

If you hardly ever drive anywhere, this form of selling advertising space won’t work very well. People want their ads seen often. It’s perfect, though, if you run around taking kids to school and back every day, or if you drive around town a lot for any other reason.

Where do you want me to wear your tshirt?
Get yourself a tshirt and have words along these lines printed on it. Wear it often, out and about. Or advertise that you wear people’s advertising tshirts in any number of other ways for example how about on the side wall of your house, or in the back window of your car?

You can negotiate with people who give you a tshirt to wear, about where they want you to wear it, for how long, and for just one event/day or on more than one occassion, and discuss the expenses involved. You could think of different scenarios before you advertise that you advertise people’s services or products while simply walking around wearing a tshirt they’ve given you, and they can choose from different priced packages.

Good places to wear these advertising tshirts may include:

During a fun run or fun walk;
At a school function or school sports event;
At a flea market, whether you’re the flea market seller or the flea market browser;
While out shopping in a large shopping mall;

Display posters at your flea market stand
Just because you like selling your homemade products at a flea market does not mean that everybody else who makes homemade products at home likes selling at flea markets too.

But they may welcome the extra exposure if you can display a poster of theirs at your flea market stand.

Of course, if you do like using the Internet and have a blog or website that gets lots of visitors each day, then sell or rent ad space on your site.

Also consider trading free advertising space for a product or service you want, or at least for a product you can easily sell.

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