Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.

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Work from Home Selling Products in South Africa

Work from home selling products in South Africa, or anywhere in the world. Free! No joining fee. No monthly costs. No purchases necessary. Over 90 000 products!

How many South Africans would like to work from home selling products in South Africa. How many people in the world would like to work from home selling products? Many already do work from home selling products!

work from home selling products

work from home selling products

Who already does work from home selling products?

(besides me)
Thousands of SFI affiliates all over the world work from home selling products, including in South Africa.

Learn more and consider joining my SFI team!

Read everything on that page including the lovely long list at the right hand side of 22 reasons why you will love SFI! and then click the green “Sign up FREE!” button! A bit below that sign up button are also a few testimonials under the “What others are Saying” heading, and you can click the “MORE” link to read even more testimonials, even selecting to read testimonials from just South Africa (or your own country) if you’d like.

Here are just some of the reasons why you will love SFI:

  • SFI is a debt-free established company – more than 16 years old already!
  • Everything can be done online if you want to work only online. Work from home selling products online only! (or offline or both if you want to!)
  • Although you can spend a bit of money on your SFI business if you want to, spending money or making purchases is not a requirement for being an SFI affiliate, and, with reading, learning and hard work, you can still succeed with your SFI business without spending money (other that what your Internet costs you).
  • Amazing and friendly support and community.
  • Stacks of very helpful free training material to read and learn from on the site.
  • Fun, free-to-enter, easy-to-do competitions with plenty of prizes that can help you with your SFI business.

Learn more and consider joining my SFI team! ,
come back and finish reading this page first, before getting too stuck in there. Too many people join SFI and give up soon after. They don’t read, learn, and work. Finishing reading this page first will help you understand what to do with your SFI business, will help you understand how to work from home selling products in South Africa (or in another country).

Is it easy to work from home selling products in South Africa?

(or anywhere in the world since just about anyone can be an SFI affiliate)
No lies here: SFI will not “work” for everyone who joins. Why not? Because not many people have the time, determination, patience to stick it out working hard at it, reading, learning and working every day!

Many people want to make lots of money easily and quickly, and when they realise that they need to be determined and patient, that they need to read, learn, and work hard, they give up. It’s a pity that this happens. Why is it a pity? Because here is an opportunity to work from home, for free! Training materials to read and learn from, for free! An opportunity to make money if one only sticks with it!

How does one work from home selling products?

(in South Africa or elsewhere as an SFI affiliate)
Phew, there are many ways to sell the over 90 000 products available to SFI affiliates – use one of the ways, some of the ways, or all of the ways!

  • As an SFI affiliate you can use your provided-by-SFI free referral links, text ads, banner ads, and website pages to refer members of the online public to the products site or to specific product pages, and if they join the products site and buy things, you earn commissions!
  • If you want to spend a little you can also buy cards, brochures and flyers and distribute those in person, offline.
  • You can also purchase a few products and sell them at a small profit in person, perhaps at a flea market, giving buyers instructions (that contain your referral link!) on where they can find many more products to buy! Note: even if you only add very little to the price you paid for the products, when you buy those products you also earn things called VersaPoints and Member Rewards Points that can help you with your SFI business – and of course if the buyers of the products go join the products site and buy more things, well then … yipee! more commissions for you!
  • This next way is my favourite way to work from home selling products as an SFI affiliate: build a team of affiliates, and when they buy some products for themselves or do well with their own SFI business as they too work from home selling products, you do well too!

But let me stop rambling on now, and leave you alone to go and get started with your own work from home selling products in South Africa as an SFI affiliate!
Learn more and consider joining my SFI team!

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