Terry and Tony in South Africa. Two South Africans working from home in East London in South Africa since early 2008.

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Work from Home in Your Spare Time with SFI – for FREE!

If you’d like to work from home in your spare time with SFI, for free, carry on reading! All you need is a computer and Internet connection, and to work hard in your spare time if you want to succeed. Links for signing up are further below.

How do you work from home in your spare time with SFI? What is SFI?

SFI (Strong Future International) is now in its 17th year. SFI has an affiliate program that is somewhat more involved – and more exciting – than merely marketing information about the over 80 000 products in the product section of SFI and getting a commission if you can get something sold – although if you just want to do that (be just an affiliate) that’s fine too.

But you can go further with SFI too, and it can still be for free if you are willing to put in a lot of time and effort – and if you are prepared to read and learn a lot as you go along. Everything you need to know about being successful with SFI is right there on their site to read and learn – lessons, training, forum, questions and answers, marketing ideas, EVERYTHING – as long as you are prepared to spend time reading, learning and doing, you can go further with SFI at no other cost to you.

Feeling skeptic? Is it really free to work from home in your spare time with SFI?

Yes, it is, but, still staying honest with you, I will also tell you that should you choose to spend some money at SFI, it can help you advance up the levels a little more quickly. Just as honestly, though, if you can market well (or learn how to market well – and you can learn how to market well at SFI!), and if you can market a lot, and can be involved on the site on a regular basis, you can advance up the levels at no other cost to you other than time and effort. It may just take a little longer to enjoy the rewards of your efforts, or may take some more time spent working at your SFI business each day, but can be done.

I’ve been at SFI since the 1st of May 2015, and advanced from Affiliate to Executive Affiliate ten days after I joined, without spending any money. Other levels after EA (Executive Affiliate) are: EA2, Bronze Team Leader, Silver Team Leader, Gold Team Leader, Platinum Team Leader, and Diamond Team Leader.

What exactly would you do to work from home in your spare time with SFI?

SFI members do actions on or via the site, or make sales or purchases that score them points at SFI. These points are called versa points. The more versa points one has, the more one can advance up the levels with SFI, or maintain a level, and the more one can earn. One’s income also increases as one builds a team of affiliates. You learn how to do this right on the site! If you just read, the instructions, guidelines and answers are there! And you learn how to teach your affiliates to build their own teams too, so that the size of your team increases.

Just some of the ways SFI members can score versa points:

  • Reading pages of information and clicking that one has read the information. Easy, huh?
  • Winning them in some different daily free-to-enter daily prize drawings. Fun, huh?
  • When somebody you referred to the product section buys something – and you get commission!
  • When you purchase something yourself – if you buy something you would normally buy elsewhere anyway, this doesn’t cost you anything extra, and you score versa points!
  • Sending your team a message (those people who you referred to SFI and who are helping you score versa points and earn money through their own actions)

Just some of the many ways to earn with SFI while you work from home in your spare time

  • When somebody you referred to SFI and who signed up under you buys something in the product section
  • When somebody you referred (SFI member or not) to the product section buys something there
  • Every time an ecommerce seller you referred to the product section sells something there
  • When people who are your co-sponsored affiliates (you can earn co-sponsored affiliates through scoring versa points or you can even win co-sponsored affiliates in the daily lucky draw prize drawings) buy something in the products section
  • By selling your own products in the products section
  • By sharing in the executive pool of earnings – the more versa points you have, and the higher your membership level, the more you earn
  • help your own affiliates (encourage them, congratulate them, give them tips) because when they do well, you can earn more

I don’t know what else to say – Work from home in your spare time with SFI! SFI is an amazing opportunity for those who need or want extra income (or even more) and who are prepared to read, learn and work for it. It doesn’t have to cost anything other than that. Everything one needs to learn and know is right there on the SFI site. This is a free opportunity to start making a better life for yourself. SFI teaches you, step by step, how to start and grow your own business, through them, so that you can work from home in your spare time.

Plus, should you sign up now, after visiting one of the 3 links further below, I’d be your sponsor. Know that with me as your sponsor you’d have somebody who is committed to SFI and to guiding my team. Work from home in your spare time with a site that has all the information and steps and guidance on how to do just that, as well as have a sponsor at your disposal to ask questions along the way!

Even though everything you need to know and learn is right there on the site, you’d also be able to email me and ask me questions if you get confused, whenever you want to. In fact, communication is encouraged and it also allows you to practice for when your own team emails you with their own questions!

Why have I included 3 links below and not just one?
Well, I thought you might want to check them all out as they are all slightly different from each other – as an SFI member you too would be able to make use of pages like this – for free – that you can promote to friends and family, or to your subscriber list, or to anyone who asks you about free ways to make money from home, or you can use these gateway pages in free-to-use traffic exchange sites etc etc. Cool, huh? Your own pages that tell people about SFI, and should anyone visiting any one of those pages (of yours after you’ve joined SFI and are using these gateway pages yourself) sign up with SFI from that page, that person would be an affiliate in your team!

If you read and learn carefully at SFI, and a lot, you’ll know how to support your new affiliates right from when they start at SFI – which helps grow your team, and your income.

THE LINKS FOR SIGNING UP: Hang on! Did you come right down here from the first paragraph on this page?! Please read the information above first – this is not a get rich quick scheme, and you won’t make money at or with SFI, or much money, if you don’t put in time and effort and lots of reading and learning and hard work. If you’re serious about being in business for yourself or working from home in your spare time with SFI, then first read the information above.

One of my SFI gateway pages
Another of my SFI gateway pages
and yet another one
– did you sneak a peek before reading the information on this page? Okay, okay, you’re forgiven – those pages do look good, don’t they? And the SFI business sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Well it is awesome! Now please read the info above, and then come back down here, click one of these 3 links, and join my team!

I hope to soon have you on my team – yet another person making use of the amazing opportunity that SFI offers us all.

© Copyright Teresa Schultz 2015

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