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Free Ways To Make Money – I Made R270 in One Day!

I’m often looking for free ways to make money. Imagine my delight when I found a free way to make money and I made R270 in one day! It took 30 minutes work to make that R270 that day.

Yes, just 30 minutes of work earned me R270 in one day, on Friday 27 September 2013.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (Feb 2015): I’VE LEFT THIS CONTENT HERE TO SHOW YOU HOW IT WAS, BUT THE BUBBLEWS SITE HAS CHANGED SINCE, AND EARNINGS RATES ARE NO LONGER AS HIGH AS THEY USED TO BE TOO. If you want ideas for working from home, have a look at our list of over 3000 ideas for working from home.

Well, actually that day I made R330 using this free way to make money,

but the other R60 earned from the same place was for quite a bit more work that day.

So, how did this free way to make money make me R270 in one day,
for just 30 minutes work?

Here’s my story:

On the 28th of July 2013 I joined a site called Bubblews. There were no start up costs or joining fees or anything like that.

Of course one has to work to make any money, so what work did I have to do on Bubblews?

I had to write pages of content – with each page of text having at least 400 characters in it (that’s like only 100 words)

My pages of content that I wrote could be about almost anything, for example a list of things I had to that day or the next day, what I was planning on buying at the shop that afternoon, a story of how my dog came to be frightened of swimming, some fond memory from my childhood, or the funny thing that an animal did at the zoo while we were visiting the zoo. Basically, whatever! Much like writing an email to a friend telling them about something or other or giving them some of your news. Or another way to look at it is that it could almost be like a Facebook status update, but of at least 100 words.

check that my posts (pages of content) had at least 400 characters in them before hitting the “submit” button – I’ve come to learn that while typing in the space on Bubblews before hitting the submit button, that if I have at least 5 full lines of text, I have definitely covered at least 400 characters. How long, though, is 400 characters? What does it look like? Well, do you see point b) above? That paragraph consists of 487 characters with no spaces (I like to make sure I have the 400 characters covered even with no spaces) and 606 characters with spaces – 120 words. Look at that point b) – look at the length of that paragraph – that’s not very long, is it? Easy!

I had to make sure not to write and submit more than 10 posts a day

I had to make sure not to break any of the site’s rules – really easy to follow rules.

I had to try and get people to visit my posts. Well, I didn’t have to, but it helps one earn more. How do I get people to visit my posts? Well, I regularly read the posts of other Bubblews members, and if I enjoyed what I just read, I click the like button at the top of their post, and leave a nice comment beneath their post. They get notified that I liked their post, and get notified that I commented on their post (or they may just see that I commented on their post when they are looking at their own post) and now that they know I exist (or maybe I left a really nice comment that interests them) they may come and look at my Bubblews profile and start reading, liking, and commenting on my own posts. And guess what? When they read my post, I earn. When they like my post, I earn. When they leave a comment on my post, I earn!

Only if I wanted to, I could also share a link to my posts on other sites I belong to like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and GooglePlus.

I could also write posts that repeated a certain two or three-word phrase a few times, to make it easier for search engines like Google to give my post a good search result, so that I could try to draw some traffic to my posts from good search engine results too, and not just from my social sites and other Bubblews members.

Whenever I reached just over $25 (currently about R250) in earnings, I could click the redeem button to get paid. When it took me 4 weeks before I could do that for the first time, I started spending more time on the site, trying to add more than just 3 or 4 posts a day, and trying to get more people to visit my posts [by spending more time on doing the things mentioned in f) g) and h)]

I also spent some more time on trying to get more Bubblews connections (followers) because all my Bubblews connections get notified in their Bubblews notifications whenever I have added a new post. So having more Bubblews followers (Bubblews connections) may mean more people read my posts (earning me more money)

Just for fun, and for my own interest, I started keeping records of what I was doing and what I was earning on Bubblews.


No, not yet, but as I add more posts, and get more connections, and engage in community activity (read, like, comment) over time, I may – but there are a handful of Bubblews members who are making about R250 or more a day, and a few more who are making about R120 or so a day.


Joined Bubblews 28 July 2013
clicked the redeem button 4 weeks later on 28 Aug
clicked the redeem button 8 days later on 3 Sept
clicked the redeem button 9 days later on 12 Sept
clicked the redeem button 6 and a half days later on 18 Sept
clicked the redeem button 6 days later on 24 Sept
clicked the redeem button 3 days later on 27 Sept
clicked the redeem button 1 day later on 28 Sept
I hope to click the redeem button again later today, or tomorrow
(4 or 5 days after the last time I clicked it)

That’s about R1 500 I earned in September.

It did take quite a bit of time, yes, but the site is addictive with an amazing community of Bubblews members (the writers of the posts) from all over the world, so I spend as much time as I can there – and I earn in the process! And over time as I get more Bubblews connections and improve my writing skills, and market my posts some more, I hope to earn even more than R1 500 per month on the site. A few members are earning over R3 000 per month on the site.

And the other day (the same day that I earned R270 from just one post – and a total of R330 for that day) another Bubblews member earned over R1 300 (currently about $130) in one day, for just one post!

We both got lucky, well, that other Bubblews member got luckier than I did, and did also use different keywords in her post, and perhaps promoted it more on her social sites. We both wrote about top scores or high scores after playing the Google Pinata Game on Google’s homepage during Google’s 15th birthday celebrations on Friday 27 September 2013. I wrote and submitted my post first, quite early in the morning, and the other Bubblews member wrote and submitted her own, unique, and slightly-different-to-mine post a few hours later. There must have been a lot of people on search engines like Google that day looking for information about the top scores or high scores for that Google Pinata Game, and we both had page one search results for our Bubblews posts on that topic.

Anyway, regardless of whether or not you also have a lucky day like that on Bubblews, do you want to join Bubblews? I”m not bashing Facebook, because Facebook will likely always be popular and will always have its place, but for me, “hanging out” on a site as I would usually do on Facebook, writing “status updates” and getting my “status updates” (of at least 100 words) liked or commented on, I’d rather do that on a site that pays me for those views, likes and comments. Even if I earn only a little bit of extra income for it, I think it’s just awesome to get paid when people look at what I wrote, and also if they like or comment on what I wrote!

Yes the Bubblews links on this page do contain my referral code, but I don’t really mind whether you use my referral link or just go directly to your favourite search engine (like Google) to get to the Bubblews site. It would be nice if you used my referral link because I’d earn about $0.20 (currently about R2) after you write your first post, but it’s not that much, and I’ve written this page of information about Bubblews mostly because I like to try and help others with ideas about free ways to make money. I think there are many people who either need or wouldn’t mind earning some extra income in a free way. If you have Internet anyway, then the time and effort you put into being a member at Bubblews is your only cost.

Anything special South Africans need in order to get their payments from Bubblews?
always follow the rules of the site; if you don’t follow the rules you risk not getting paid
You need a verified PayPal account, and you need your bank account linked to your PayPal account

Disclaimer and warning: Do not get overly excited at the prospect of making a lot of money on Bubblews – read through everything in this blog post (above this) carefully to fully understand that it does take a bit of work, planning, thinking, and effort to earn money on Bubblews. How much you might earn depends on how much effort you put into it. Join the site at your own risk.

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